Customer partner referral program

Refer a prospective customer to PanTerra and receive up to $75 per user qualifying Streams seat in cash!

Just fill out the simple referral form below and if the company becomes a new PanTerra customer, we'll pay you a bonus for every qualifying seat of the company.

If you refer a 50 seat company, you could receive up to $3,750! Sign up a company today. It's that simple!

How It Works

PanTerra will pay you a referral bonus per qualifying Streams seat for new customer accounts that you refer to us through our customer referral registration form.

The referral bonus for accounts with at least 10 qualifying Streams seats is:

  • $75 per qualifying Streams seat with a 3 year term plan
  • $50 per qualifying Streams seat with a 2 year term plan
  • $25 per qualifying Streams seat with a 1 year term plan

Qualifying Streams seats include Streams Business Voice Pooled, Business Voice, Professional and Streams Call Center suites. SmartBox Enterprise seats do not qualify for this program. Only seats that initially go into production are considered. Add-on seats after production date do not qualify. Only new PanTerra customer accounts qualify for the Referral Bonus. Bonus is limited to a maximum of 500 seats per account.

Fill out the customer referral registration form below and PanTerra will take it from there! If the referred prospect becomes a PanTerra customer (within the specified time period listed below), PanTerra will send you a check!

Lead Management

PanTerra will manage the referral's progress in our lead management system. You can request status on a Referral by emailing us at .

Bonus Payment Requirements and Payment Process

  • Referral customer must not have been in PanTerra's lead database at time of submission (This includes partner leads).
  • You must fill out this form and submit it prior to customer going into production in order to be eligible for referral bonus program.
  • Referral customer account must be in good standing and have paid their first two invoiced bills in full to qualify for the Referral Bonus.
  • Customer referrals not closed and put into production within 180 days of referral registration date will expire from the program and are no longer valid to receive the Referral Bonus.
  • Checks will be sent to referee after all terms are met.
  • PanTerra reserves the right to change this referral program at any time without notice.

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