Instant Access Support

PanTerra provides world class support which utilizes PanTerra's own Streams solution to greatly increase customer satisfaction! By providing multiple channels of communications, voice, IM, email, deskshare and fax, PanTerra's support system cradles you in the comfort of knowing that you can get your questions answered or issues addressed instantly! Start with 24/7/365 support coverage unlike our competitors that barely provide M-F business hour support. We are there when you need us and will stay with you until the issue is resolved... period. Add to that our instant access secure support IM, which provides support within 30 seconds guaranteed! You'll never have to wait in a call queue again!

With PanTerra, you can be confident that we will support your company as if it were our own company and drive resolution to any problems quickly, efficiently and professionally so that you can focus on your own business. Our support infrastructure includes:

  • US-based Tier 1 and Tier 2 support available 24/7/365
  • Instant access support via secure IM, phone or Email
  • Information packed online knowledgebase with tips, guides, how-to's and relevant Streams articles
  • Our own remote desktop sharing feature to troubleshoot a customer's problem
  • Comprehensive online end user training and help documentation

Total Satisfaction

While other providers only deliver and support their cloud service, PanTerra goes far beyond their cloud service to deliver "total end-to-end" customer satisfaction and support. There are many components to delivering cloud services, including the cloud service itself, the WAN connectivity necessary to deliver the service to each location of your enterprise, the LAN network used to distribute the cloud service within each location and the end point devices used to interact with the service. The seamless integration between all these components is paramount to quality of service as well as service continuity.

If any component fails or becomes intermittent, the cloud service itself can fail, causing operational impact. In some cases, these components might be delivered from separate providers, potentially adding complexity and delay in resolving the problem. With PanTerra, if an issue occurs, PanTerra takes ownership NO MATTER where the source of the problem is. PanTerra will "run point" and coordinate with other vendors if necessary to ensure the quickest resolution. We will even assist in debugging internal network or CPE equipment problems

With PanTerra, total customer satisfaction includes:

  • 100% ownership of ANY issue pertaining to the service
  • Continuous dialog of updates and status during problem identification and resolution
  • Remote management and monitoring if issue is with 3rd party vendors
  • Ongoing monitoring and follow-up after problem resolution

What Customers Say...

Having utilized PanTerra's unified communications service for the past couple of years, we have grown very fond of its capabilities and the benefits our employees enjoy including, improved accessibility, increased responsiveness and greater mobility. We also love the flexibility the system offers and the ease with which our VOIP telephony system can be managed and administered. Specifically the Streams instant messaging and presence applications have made intra-company communication much more effective,... and the myriad of easy to use communication features and functionality are always appreciated. PanTerra has also been very good about addressing any of our needs in a timely manner and we especially like their 24/7 phone AND their chat based support which enables us to work on our tools after hours.

Jim L. - Information Technology Manager, Media Company

PanTerra runs their business in an old school way while offering a state of the art unified communications solution. There are very few companies around anymore where one can actually talk directly with a knowledgeable person when you need assistance. PanTerra takes this one step further and provides access to their executives on ideas and suggestions. PanTerra provides me the confidence I need as my communications provider because of their innovative communications solution and superior support. Great people, excellent product and fair pricing; what more can I ask for?

Rollie H. - Retail Boating Company

MDK Motorsports needed a communications platform that could be easily deployed in a variety of locations and applications. With multiple retail stores, a research and development facility and an international racing operation, we needed a solution that was flexible and cost effective and PanTerra Networks has delivered on the promise. The "icing on the cake" has been the fanatical service and support of a very dedicated and knowledgeable team of support professionals. Thanks PanTerra Networks!

Ron W. - Retail Motorcycle Company

Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you guys know that your technician, Robbie, in tech support has been helping me program one of our new customer’s pbx and he is fantastic. He has helped me with every question I’ve had and has gone above and beyond in assisting me.

Marissa B. - Customer Service Representative, PanTerra Value Added Reseller

Cathy and Steve... on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being high) you are tipping the scale way over 15! Your support is so very nice to use, it makes issues seem to melt away... Thank you again for the great work.

Mark D. - Financial Services Company

I would like to compliment Tier3 in support. They were able to identify and resolve the problems in very short order. Their professionalism and knowledge were completely responsible for resolving the customer issues. They stayed with me until we were able to completely get the customer's system up and running.

Carey S. - Technology Company

The support folks have been really great. I’ve been in telecom for over 30 years and I am impressed with the support from PanTerra's Channel Managers, Support and all others I have come in contact with.

Russ P. - PanTerra Value Added Reseller

I am extremely happy that I chose Streams.

Anthony M. - Information Technology Company

The easiest way to describe "Streams" is easy to use, reliable and good and quality customer support.... All the Best...

Jack M. - Healthcare Company

Very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. Thank you for opportunity to respond with this survey.

Catherine F. - Information Security Company

Those folks you have in support are World Class :) They always have been and I've been dealing with them for 3 years now.

Paul B. - Communications Company

Easy access and provide quick resolution.

John P. - Financial Services Company

Keep doing the great job you are currently doing.

Brandon T. - Technology Company

Just keep doing what you're doing, I couldn't be happier.

Brad S. - Law Enforcement Company

Your great service continues!

Mark F. - Medical Company

I was testing the response time of the IM. Very fast and complete!

Tom L. - Technology Company