Analytics Overview

Real-Time Business Analytics

Take your business to the next level with Streams advanced real-time business analytics capability which allows your to monitor, react and adjust to business in real-time! Set up over 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Service Level Agreements (SLA). Monitor call center call queues, call center agent efficiencies or any user in your company. Measure queue lengths, call talk time, missed calls, idle time, handled calls and more. Set measurement intervals, threshold values, operation types and interval definitions. If a metric is exceeded, the offending queue or user is flagged red in the Unified Live Monitor (ULM) instantly, alerting supervisors to take immediate action. Notifications can also be sent via IM, email or SMS too. Additionally, periodically scheduled or ad hoc analytics reports can be generated and sent to supervisors as well.

Imagine being able to know instantly when customers have been waiting in a call queue for more than a minute and be able instantly pull a customer out or add agents to reduce customer wait time. Know instantly when a support technician has been on the phone for more than 20 minutes and whisper into their ear so that you can give instant feedback on how to be more efficient when handling a support call. With Streams real-time business analytics, your business can be optimized for peak performance in real-time.

Advanced Reporting

Streams provides advanced reporting capabilities with its analytics report engine. Detailed queue, agent and even user reports can be generated through an easy to use browser interface. The flexible scheduling engine can deliver reports ad hoc or at a pre-defined time or periodically at pre-set intervals. Reports can be generated and sent to one or more managers for review. Multiple report formats make it a snap to import the report into 3rd party applications. Reports can be viewed on any standard browser.

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Analytics On Any User

Run Analytics on Any User in the Company

Apply analytic metrics, alerts and reporting on any user in your account, not just call center agents or call queues! If you have a group of support technicians you want to measure or a sales team, no problem. With Streams business analytics capability, any user in your account can be monitored in real-time or through detailed reports. This simplifies management and improves worker productivity.

Mobile Device Support

Need to be out of your office but still need to monitor your call center or sales team? No problem with Streams Mobile Unified Live Monitor (ULM) app which has integrated SLA/KPI analytics built-in! Create detailed SLA/KPI triggers or alerts, specify who to alert, thresholds for the alerts and time intervals all from your mobile device. Monitor call center agents, call queues or any user within your account. When a SLA or KPI is exceeded, receive alerts and perform real-time monitoring all from your smartphone or tablet.

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Call-In Campaign Analytics

Streams business analytics can even optimize call-in campaign management by providing mass call-in campaign analytics and reports. Run periodic reports on multiple advertisements that terminate to different DID numbers to see which advertisements are producing the best return on investment. Instantly see how call-in campaigns are performing. With Streams business analytics, you have complete control of your call-in campaigns.

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