SmartBox Benefit - FTP Alternative

Secure and Centralized

Centralized File Organization

FTP complexities holding your company and employees back? SmartBox eliminates those complexities, making it easier to share important content securely with prospects, customers and partners. With SmartBox, upload content from any device, organize content into folder tree structures, and manage and control share permissions easily.

  • Consistent upload and folder organization throughout the enterprise
  • Simple yet powerful share permissions put you in control
  • Eliminate massive storage redundancy when copying files locally
  • Stay up to date and current with fast changing content

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Simple and Secure

Simple and secure

Sharing content has never been easier or more secure. With a few button clicks, you can upload, organize and share your content to anyone anywhere in the world. Share a file through a simple URL link.

And with file transfer encryption and 2-phase authentication of all clients, you can be assured that your content will be delivered securely to exactly who you want. With the share notification feature, get notified when share users view, download or modify your shared content too!

  • Share files with simple URL link
  • All file transfers encrypted
  • All SmartBox clients use 2-phase authentication

Sync Changes Instantly

Sync updates instantly

Working on a fast paced project with documents that are being modified by multiple authors? SmartBox makes syncing changes easy and instant. With SmartBox's file locking feature, accidental overwriting of changes is eliminated. And when changes are made, all share users see the updated content instantly! Even to their mobile devices.

  • Changes automatically synced to all share users and devices instantly
  • File lock feature prevents accidental overwriting of content
  • Customize local sync of content to individual devices
  • Get notified when content is modified

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Control Content Access

Control Content Access

Easily assign and manage share privileges on folders and files exactly the way you want. Change them at any time and even set up real-time notification when a share user has viewed or modified your content. Advanced features include the ability to re-assign ownership of content, set password protection for content and even set temporary sharing of content.

  • Share content with co-owner, editor or viewer privileges
  • Re-assign ownership of content
  • Set password protection for content
  • "Time out" a share based on a future time and date
  • Send files in email (Outlook) as links with full access control

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