PanTerra partner referral program

Refer a prospective partner to PanTerra and receive $500 in cash!

Just fill out the simple partner referral form below and if the company becomes a new PanTerra partner, we'll pay you a referral bonus.

Sign up a company today. It's that simple!

How It Works

PanTerra will pay you a referral bonus per qualifying PanTerra Partner that you refer to us through our partner referral registration form. The referral bonus is $500 per qualified Partner.

Fill out the partner referral registration form below and PanTerra will take it from there! If the referred prospective partner becomes a PanTerra partner (within the specified time period listed below), PanTerra will send you a check!

Lead Management

PanTerra will manage the referral's progress in our lead management system. You can request status on a Referral by emailing us at .

Bonus Payment Requirements and Payment Process

  • Referral partner must not be a current or prior partner of PanTerra and must not be in PanTerra's partner lead database at time of submission as determined solely by PanTerra.
  • You must fill out this form and submit it prior to partner signing partner agreement in order to be eligible for referral bonus program.
  • Referral partner must put a Streams account (Partner Customer Account) into production within 180 days of signing on as a PanTerra partner in order to to be a qualify referral.
  • Referral partner must be currently in good standing with PanTerra
  • Partner referrals that do not become a PanTerra partner within 180 days of referral registration date will expire from the program and are no longer valid to receive the Partner Referral Bonus.
  • Checks will be sent to referee after all terms are met.
  • PanTerra reserves the right to change this referral program at any time without notice.

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