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Share Easily and Quickly

Team Collaboration

With globalization, sharing information among team members that are potentially distributed around the world can be a challenge. With SmartBox, sharing information is quick and easy. All team members can use SmartBox's online workspace to monitor, view, modify and comment on content. And with access from any desktop or mobile device, team members are always up to date.

  • Share content through simple file sharing URL links
  • Changes to content are reflected instantly to all team members
  • Implement online password protected work spaces for collaborating

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Sync Changes Instantly

Sync changes instantly

With today's productivity tools, content and information can change rapidly. If you can't get those changes out to your team, you waste time and potentially lose momentum. With SmartBox, changes are synced to all team members instantly. And with SmartBox's local sync, team members can have the latest team content available on their mobile devices even when not online.

  • Sync content to local devices for offline access
  • Independently sync different content to local devices for ultimate flexibility and control
  • Get notified instantly when content changes

Share, Communicate, Collaborate

Share, communicate, collaborate

Sharing content is only half the battle in team collaboration. The other most important half is "team communicating and collaborating." SmartBox is the only solution available that delivers all the tools: file sharing, communication and collaboration.

  • Built-in communications features provide instant communications with share users
  • Call, IM, video conference, email, even deskshare with any share user instantly
  • Instantly see share user's real-time presence

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