SmartBox Benefit - Mobile & Global

Anywhere Centralized Access Instantly

Mobile and Global

No matter where you are or what content you need, SmartBox provides centralized secure storage that can be accessed anywhere in the world. No more out dated redundant local copies of files or complex work flow procedures to sync local file servers.

  • View and access files from any device anywhere in the world
  • Enhanced file search capability built-in
  • Updates are instantly reflected to all share users

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Enhanced Security

Security guaranteed

SmartBox provides easy access to and sharing of your content without sacrificing security or data protection. In fact, SmartBox is the first cloud storage provider to implement 2-phase authentication for all clients, preventing a single compromised credential from accessing any content within the system! And with Multiple Active Device Manager (MADM), you can remotely logoff or block any SmartBox client. In addition, all file transfers are encrypted.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication for every SmartBox client
  • Full file transfer encryption
  • Multiple Active Device Manager (MADM) with remote device block

Independent Local Device Sync

Independnt Device Sync

Having all your content in the cloud can be challenging when you're offline! SmartBox solves this problem with built-in local device sync capability. What sets SmartBox apart from other providers is SmartBox's ability to independently customize what is synced to each mobile device. You might not want certain content to be locally synced to a particular local device (for security or storage limitations).

SmartBox lets you sync exactly what you want to each local device, maximizing security and share flexibility. With SmartBox, you're always in control.

  • Customize content sync to each local device independently
  • Access content even when offline
  • Visual icons show what content is synced to local devices

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