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Respond to Prospects Faster

Sales Productivity

The vendor that responds the fastest to a prospect with the right information will always win the deal. But in today's ever changing world, finding the right information and keeping up to date is always a challenge. Copying marketing briefs and datasheets to your local drive virtually guarantees you have out of date information. With SmartBox, your Sales team knows exactly where to find the most up to date information, allowing them to respond to customers and prospects with lightning speed.

  • Know exactly where to access corporate information instantly
  • Always get the latest changes, never be out dated
  • Eliminate email bottlenecks and bounces
  • Close more business when you're the first to respond with the right information

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Sync Sales Teams Instantly

Sync Sales team instantly

Getting marketing information into the sales teams hands is always a challenge. Multiply that exponentially when it comes to new products where the information is rapidly changing and the potential of distributing outdated collateral is increasingly possible.

With SmartBox, syncing sales teams with marketing collateral and information is a snap. Marketing updates are simply loaded into SmartBox and SmartBox syncs the latest updates to every salesperson anywhere in the world.... instantly.

  • Sync marketing collateral instantly the second it's available
  • Get advanced notifications when marketing updates content
  • Access marketing and sales material from any mobile device

Share, Communicate, Collaborate

Share, communicate, collaborate

Sharing content is only half the battle in sales. The other most important half is "closing the deal." That involves communicating and collaborating with your client or prospect. SmartBox is the only solution available that delivers all the tools: file sharing, communication and collaboration.

  • Built-in communication features provide instant communications with share users
  • Call, IM, video conference, email, even deskshare with any share user instantly
  • Instantly see share user real-time presence

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