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Close Opportunities Faster

Time and Money

Success is all about closing opportunities faster and closing opportunities faster is all about being more responsive with the right information. SmartBox gives you all the tools to be more responsive with the right information. Share information with customers, prospects, clients and partners instantly and securely. And when information is changing rapidly, SmartBox keeps everyone up to date and in sync automatically. When you can respond to information requests faster and with more accurate and up to date information, you're more likely to win the deal!

  • Share and update information instantly
  • Organize sales content by customers, prospects and clients
  • Access and find corporate information faster

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Be More Productive

Be more productive

When you waste less time trying to find information and communicate it to people, you become more productive. SmartBox eliminates wasted time due to redundant and obsolete information sharing, confusing and complicated file server and FTP procedures, and communication snafus such as bouncing emails due to attachments being too large. With SmartBox, you're more productive.

  • Eliminate wasted time on FTP and file server complexities
  • Eliminate wasted time due to out dated information conflicts
  • Share information and connect with users instantly

Eliminate Obsolescence and Redundancy

Eliminate obsolesence and Redundancy

As your company grows, obsolete file servers with redundant data can become a huge operating and capital expense. Inefficient file syncing protocols can cause massive bandwidth storms between locations as well. And the complexities of managing and maintaining local file servers at remote locations can bring even the most robust IT department to its knees. With SmartBox, capital obsolescence and unnecessary content redundancies are a thing of the past. Outsourcing your file server to a cloud storage expert eliminates costly capital expense while centralizing content management and control.

  • Eliminate costly file server capital expense and obsolescence
  • Eliminate unnecessary content redundancy due to inefficient file syncing protocols
  • Centralize content creation, management and distribution

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Build a FutureProof Infrastructure

Build a futureproof infrastructure

Competing in the 21st century is all about being nimble and responsive as a corporation. Being tied down to a capital intensive corporate infrastructure can take your company in the wrong direction. Outsourcing your storage infrastructure to a cloud storage expert can unshackle your infrastructure and create a futureproof solution that can dynamically adapt to any company's needs. Let the experts build and maintain your futureproof infrastructure!

  • Scale your storage to unlimited capacity
  • Get the security and reliability of a unified cloud services provider
  • Move from a static infrastructure to a dynamic infrastructure

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