SmartBox Communications

Real-Time Unified Communications Built-In

Sharing content is usually only the first step in business. Communicating and collaborating with people you've shared the information with completes the cycle. Unfortunately, for most businesses, communicating and collaborating become endless loops of "phone tag" and "email replies". SmartBox's integrated unified communications and collaboration features eliminate wasted time trying to connect.

Once you share your content to a group of share users, SmartBox shows you every share user's contact information and presents real-time presence for each share user. Know instantly when people are available and then use Streams ConnectMe feature to instantly call, IM, video conference, email or deskshare with the share group or an individual share user.

Combined with SmartBox's enhanced event notification capability, you can instantly be notified when a share user views or downloads your shared content and then with a simple click of a button, call them or video conference them. The power of sharing and communicating in a single solution!

  • Instantly see full contact information of who you've shared content with
  • Instantly see real-time presence of people you've shared content with
  • Video/Audio Call, conference, IM, SMS, email or deskshare a share user or share group instantly
  • Enhanced event notification informs you when someone has viewed your content and then allows you to call them with a click of a button

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Real-Time Team Messaging Built-in

SmartBox is part of Streams, which means you have direct built-in access to all of Streams team collaboration features including the ability to multi-media message anyone in real-time and over a period of time. Message content remains persistent in the stream. Securely share text, links, images, video, audio, documents and even folders of information within a stream. Any SmartBox/Streams member can see the content instantly and scroll backwards in time to see all the previously shared content over a period of time.

SmartBox provides a powerful means to securely, quickly and easily share content to teams of people both within your company as well as outside your company. With powerful and flexible sharing privileges, SmartBox allows you to control who can see and access specific content. Persistent sharing means that you can continuously update, inform and share information to teams so they have the most relevant and up-to-date information all the time.

Integrated UC Content

Integrated Communications Content

When you need to stay on top of client and colleague communications, how do you keep it all organized? With SmartBox, you no longer have to wonder where a fax has been filed or which voicemail is most current. Simply click on the Communications folder and all of your communications content is right there waiting for you to review, share or delete. You have complete control and you will never lose important communications ever again!

  • Receive Voicemail, Faxes, Call Recordings, System Logs, Email archives and IM archives all in one storage cloud
  • Interact with Voicemail dynamically - Deleting a Voicemail deletes it from the communications system
  • Listen to call recordings right from the browser
  • Share your communications content just like normal user content

Augment or Replace Your Existing Phone System

Existing Phone System

Already have a phone system you're happy with? No Problem, as with other "Over-The-Top (OTT)" communications services (like Skype), you can use SmartBox's built-in unified communications and collaboration features (provided via Streams) in conjunction with and complementary to your existing telephone system (on-premises PBX or hosted VoIP). SmartBox's communications features enhance your current phone system to provide Communications-Enabled Business Process (CEBP) leverage and productivity gains.

With Streams and SmartBox, you can also gracefully upgrade or replace your existing phone system to gain the full power of Streams. When replacing your existing telephone system, you gain full management and control of all deskphones and conference room/common area phones, integrated voicemail, advanced call routing and follow-me/find-me capability, business analytics with over 100 customizable metrics and complete contact center capabilities. You can upgrade and replace your phone system on a location by location basis or across the entire company. It's your call.

  • Use SmartBox's built-in communications and collaboration features Over-The-Top (OTT) of your existing telephone system infrastructure
  • Gracefully replace your existing telephone system when necessary
  • Streams and SmartBox can augment or replace your phone system on a location by location basis as well

Enhanced Event Notification

Enhanced Notification

With SmartBox's integrated communications features, you can connect with people instantly without playing phone tag! Get notified immediately when a share user opens your shared content and instantly be able to connect right within the notification email. Even receive real-time notification through content business analytics and ULM. Built-in communications and collaboration capabilities allow you to call, IM, video conference, deskshare or email the share user. Additionally, the share user will receive notification when you shared something and they can initiate an immediate ConnectMe video conference as well.

  • Be notified immediately when a share user views your content and be able to communicate instantly thru ConnectMe
  • Remote share user also receives notification with ConnectMe communications feature
  • ConnectMe connection supports video/audio call or conference, IM, SMS, email or deskshare

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Full Contact Management

Instantly see who you shared content with through an integrated contact management window. Click on multiple shared content and see the shares for each one simultaneously. Import contacts from your favorite source including Outlook, Google, Yahoo and even text-based .csv files. And all your contact fields are imported, not just an email address. The contact window within Streams also provides real-time presence information so you can immediately determine who's available.

The integrated contact window also provides complete unified communications capability, allowing you to connect with any or all your share users with a click of a button. Call, securely IM/SMS, and even video conference all your share users instantly, without having to go through other applications.

Outlook/SmartBox File Attachment Link

Outlook/IM File Attachment

Ever try to send a large file attachment in Outlook, or any email client for that matter, and get a "failed mail delivery" because the receiver's mailbox is full or can't take the large file? That's a thing of the past with SmartBox. With SmartBox's Outlook plugin, you can attach files through SmartBox such that all you really send is a link to the file (in SmartBox). You can send a single file or multiple files with ease.

Ever send a file and then want to update it or "take it back!" You can't do either when a file is attached using the old fashion method, but with SmartBox, you can do both with ease. Simply unshare the file and the recipients can no longer access the file. Or update the file in your "/communications/attachments" folder and the updated file is instantly available to all email recipients. You can even "time out" the file and have it unshare at a future date and time. With SmartBox, you're in control!

And Streams attach file feature is also available in the secure Streams messaging service, so you can send single, multiple files or even folders through Streams to another SmartBox user with equal ease.

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