SmartBox File Sharing

Simple, Powerful, Secure File Sharing

Simplified sharing

Share files simply and securely with SmartBox. Whether it's with a co-worker, client or partner, sharing files has never been easier or more secure. SmartBox is 100% HIPAA compliant. Share exactly what you want to exactly who you want to with specific share privileges you control. Upload and share from virtually any device. Synchronize file updates instantly and track when users open and download content. SmartBox eliminates frustrating FTP and VPN complexities with an easy to use consistent user interface that is available on desktops and mobile devices.

  • Share files with anyone around the world easily
  • Share files from any device instantly
  • Secure sharing with multi-factor authentication and full HIPAA compliance
  • Access your files consistently from anywhere in the world
  • Never worry about running out of storage space
  • Eliminate duplicate files that can get out of sync
  • Ability to re-assign content ownership
  • Advanced search capability built-in

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Multi-Level Sub-Folder Sharing

The single most common complaint with today's cloud storage solutions is that they don't offer multi-level sub-folder sharing. If you have a folder that is already shared to a group of people and you want to share a subfolder or file differently (say to a subset of the group or at a different privilege), you can't. They make you re-arrange your directory structure to suit their sharing limitations.

With SmartBox, share frustration is a thing of the past! SmartBox supports full multi-level sub-folder sharing so you can keep your carefully organized folder structure and "explicit" share whatever folder or sub-folder you want to whomever you want with whatever share attributes you choose. It's that easy! With easy to understand icon overlays, you can tell at a glance which folders have been explicitly shared out or shared in to you. SmartBox gives you maximum sharing flexibility!

  • Share any folder or sub-folder with different share users, privileges and/or share attributes
  • Share any specific file in any folder
  • Overlay icons indicate explicit and implicit shares

Independent Local Sync

One of the biggest advantages of Cloud storage is the ability to automatically sync content between multiple local devices: multiple desktops, tablets and smartphones. However, most cloud storage vendors force you to treat each device identically, sharing exactly the same content to each device. This is extremely limiting and can be a security risk if all devices aren't secure.

SmartBox is the first in the industry to offer independent device syncing! Sync exactly what you want and only what you want independently to each local device. This is very useful when syncing to storage limited devices such as smartphones or when syncing sensitive data that you only want on secure devices. You can even secure a device remotely, erasing all content automatically. SmartBox gives you ultimate local device syncing flexibility.!

  • Sync specific folders or files to any local desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Independently sync content to different desktops, such as home and work computers
  • Overlay icons indicate which files are sync'd to local desktops

Organize Content Shared to You

Sub-folder sharing is only half the benefit with SmartBox. On the other side, what can the remote share user do with the content that is shared to him/her? In many cloud storage solutions, the answer is ... nothing. Content shared to a user must stay in the root folder. This makes for a really cluttered root folder and typically is not how users want to organize their files.

SmartBox solves this share frustration as well, supporting the ability to re-organize content shared to a user. Move folder and files around, create new directory structures, organize ALL your content, files and folders the way you want! And with visual share icons, you know instantly what content you own and what content has been shared to you.

  • Move any content shared to you to any sub-folder
  • Visual icons show what content has been shared to you
  • Organize all content exactly how you want

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Advanced Share Privileges

SmartBox gives you ultimate control over what share users can do with the shared content through multiple share privilege levels. Each file/folder within SmartBox can be shared with specific share privileges assigned to each individual share user, giving the owner of the content ultimate control over how the content is shared.

Owner - is the highest privilege level providing full control over the shared content. An owner can add or remove share users, change share privileges and share attributes and change, add or delete share content.

Co-Owner - is the next highest privilege level providing most control over the shared content. A co-owner can add or remove share users (except the owner), change share privileges and share attributes and change, add or delete share content.

Editor - is the mid-level privilege providing enhanced control over the shared content. An editor can add, modify or delete share content.

Viewer - is the lowest privilege level providing basic levels of access to the shared content. A viewer can view and download shared content.

Powerful Share Attributes

SmartBox provides very powerful share attributes so you can maximize your sharing flexibility and control. Each share attribute can be enabled independently or together in any combination. For example, you can enable password protection and brand share attributes to build a powerful corporate data room to share sensitive information with customers or clients.

Password Protected Share - This feature allows you to implement secure password protected shares, require a password to be entered by a remote share user before being allowed access to the share content. This can be used to implement secure data rooms to share confidential or sensitive information.

Public Share - This feature allows you to link the shared content to a public URL which you can share with anyone. The shared content is accessed by entering the public URL into a browser. This can be used to share content publicly by displaying the URL on a website or including it in emails.

Temporary Share - This feature allows you to share content temporarily with others. This can be used to share time sensitive content or allow only limited access to the content.

Branded Share - This feature allows you to brand the actual sharing experience for the share users. Branding includes graphic logo, description text and color themes. This can be used to implement corporate branded sharing of content.

Enhanced Event Notification

Ever share something and wonder if the person received it and looked at it? With SmartBox event notification, you never have to wonder again. Get notified on specific share events like when someone viewed your content or made changes to your content or uploaded new content to your shared folder. You can specify whether you get notified based on content you own or on content shared to you.

SmartBox has both global and share specific event notification. Share specific event notification allows you to have full control over exactly what event you want to be notified about. In addition, you can control how you're notified, through email or IM/SMS.

SmartBox notification also has ConnectMe communications built-in, maximizing your ability to connect with share users. Both the person sharing content and the remote share users receiving the shared content are notified of the new share. Both notifications have ConnectMe communications functions built right into the email allowing either share user to instantly call, IM, video conference, email, or deskshare the other share user with just a touch of a button!

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Outlook/Streams File Attachment

Outlook/IM File Attachment

Ever try to send a large file attachment in Outlook, or any email client for that matter, and get a "failed mail delivery" because the receiver's mailbox is full or can't take the large file? That's a thing of the past with SmartBox. With SmartBox's Outlook plug-in, you can attach files through SmartBox such that all you really send is a link to the file (in SmartBox). You can send a single file or multiple files with ease.

Ever send a file and then want to update it or "take it back!" You can't do either when a file is attached using the old fashion method, but with SmartBox, you can do both with ease. Simply unshare the file and the recipients can no longer access the file. Or update the file in your "/communications/attachments" folder and the updated file is instantly available to all email recipients. You can even "time out" the file and have it unshare at a future date and time. With SmartBox, you're in control!

And SmartBox's attach file/folder feature is also available in the secure Streams messaging service, so you can send single, multiple files or even folders through Streams to another SmartBox user with equal ease.

File Versioning/Trash Bin

Ever modify a file and then wish you could "undo" right after saving it? Well, with SmartBox you can do just that. With SmartBox's file versioning feature, every version (up to the last 50) is kept automatically and available for instant retrieval at any time. And all those previous versions don't count against your storage quota either!

And if you delete a file and want it back, no problem too! SmartBox has a trash bin folder that saves all your deleted files (including all the previous versions) until you manually "shred" them. With SmartBox, never lose a file again!

File Locking

When you have multiple share users sharing a single file that all have editor rights, how do you prevent multiple users from writing at the same time? With SmartBox "File Locking" feature, it's a snap. Just lock the file with a click of a button and no one else can modify the file while you are editing it. Once you're done, you simply unlock the file.

SmartBox's intuitive "file Lock" overlay icon gives you immediate visual feedback as to the state of any file. And with SmartBox's built-in communications capabilities, you can connect with the owner of the file lock easily to request release of the lock.

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