SmartBox Interoperability

Single Sign On (SSO) Support

All Streams services support Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities when used with an approved identity provider. These identity providers provide a single sign in portal from which you can access all Streams services and portals without the need for a separate login or security authentication. Enterprises with Active Directory authentication can connect directly to these identity providers to get seamless Streams SSO capabilities. Users no longer have to remember URLs, usernames or passwords, yet are able to maintain the highest level of security.

PanTerra has teamed up with a number of identity providers so that the Streams suite of services and portals are registered and available once you obtain a user license for the SSO service. Contact PanTerra to view the latest list of identity providers.

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Outlook File Attachment Plug-in

Outlook/IM File Attachment

Ever try to send a large file attachment in Outlook, or any email client for that matter, and get a "failed mail delivery" because the receiver's mailbox is full or can't take the large file? That's a thing of the past with SmartBox. With SmartBox's Outlook plug-in, you can attach files through SmartBox such that all you really send is a link to the file (in SmartBox). You can send a single file or multiple files with ease.

Ever send a file and then want to update it or "take it back!" You can't do either when a file is attached using the old fashion method, but with SmartBox, you can do both with ease. Simply unshare the file and the recipients can no longer access the file. Or update the file in your "/communications/attachments" folder and the updated file is instantly available to all email recipients. You can even "time out" the file and have it unshare at a future date and time. With SmartBox, you're in control!

And SmartBox's link file attachment feature is also available in the secure SmartBox IM service, so you can send single or multiple files through IM to another SmartBox user with equal ease.

3rd Party Storage Replication

The SmartBox replicator service provides a fast and convenient way to migrate from other 3rd party storage providers to SmartBox. With a single click of a mouse, the complete contents of your 3rd party storage provider can be replicated within SmartBox, including your complete directory structure and files. The cloud to cloud architecture means that the replication is fast and more importantly doesn't go through your bandwidth or network, eliminating any impact on your network. The service runs in the background and notifies the user when completed. Box and Dropbox are currently supported but other 3rd party storage providers will be added.

  • Replicates entire contents including directory structure
  • Cloud to cloud replication is faster and saves your bandwidth
  • Automatically notifies you when done
  • Can replicate as many times as you want
  • Can replicate from multiple 3rd party storage providers

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Salesforce Plug-In

Streams Call Center Adapter (CCA) for AppExchange delivers radically improved efficiency in outbound call management within the environment. Salesforce's CRM solution plus Streams integrated CTI solution delivers higher customer satisfaction, higher levels of productivity and improved customer service. For a more detailed look at the Salesforce CCA product, click here for the CCA Datasheet.

The Salesforce CCA enables employees and call center agents to perform all of their critical tasks directly in a Salesforce browser environment, which yields greater efficiency and customer satisfaction. The integrated softphone includes three available lines, a dial pad, hold button, transfer button and a suite of productivity features to deliver real-time customer data to an employee's desktop.

Do you have a SIP compatible hard phone? If so, Streams CCA solution can direct calls to that phone as well.

Call ID data from incoming calls routed to user's desktops will be matched to relevant customer information instantly. Screen pop-ups present a real-time, convenient Salesforce view with relevant information such as pending sales opportunities or open support cases.

With Salesforce customer data at a user's fingertips, the Salesforce CCA turns all instances of a phone number into a hyperlink. A call to a customer can be initiated by a single click of the mouse. The date, time and duration of the interaction will be logged automatically. Call notes can be entered by the user to accurately track customer history.

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