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DonorLogix is focused on blood donor recruitment for local hospitals. Specifically, DonorLogix schedules donor appointments for hospital-based blood banks that need help effectively managing their donor data in order to reduce 3rd-party supplier costs. The company understand the needs of its clients and consistently applies an appreciation of their unique requirements in its service provision. Their agents are adept at verbal communication and are skilled at motivating donors to increase their annual donation frequency. DonorLogix’s long-term objective, however, is to implement recruitment campaigns, not short-term initiatives, that obviate its clients’ dependence on regional blood centers and blood services.

DonorLogix focuses on blood donor recruitment

As a company that aggressively seeks to maximize volunteer-donors’ annual frequency, DonorLogix recognizes the fact that communication is a mission-critical aspect of its success. Using a variety of media and a host of applications, DonorLogix capitalizes on technology to ensure it exceeds its clients’ expectations from a service and productivity perspective, while at the same time fosters long-term partnerships with the hospitals that have contracted their services. "We focus on the business of recruiting and retaining donors so our clients can focus on the business of drawing life-saving products from them," Heath Wilson, DonorLogix VP of Operations, state. Of course, this all requires the need to quickly and easily communicate with both donors and clients. DonorLogix has to be easily reached to answer queries from donors and respond to its clients’ requests.


While communication is paramount to the company's growth, disparate communications platforms used to hold them back. Before deploying PanTerra Networks' Streams cloud-based unified communications platform, DonorLogix leveraged multiple, varied, unpredictable communications platforms. Because of the assortment of tools DonorLogix used for communication, it was common for questions or issues to take several transactions to get resolved... sometimes they got lost in the shuffle. Internal communication was inefficient because staff didn’t know who was available and when. These and a variety of other problems presented numerous challenges inside the organization; they also decreased the quality of the company’s service provision across many channels.

To staff and clients, productivity was slowed because the time required to answer questions was extended. The manual nature of tracking down answers to questions bred staff confusion and frustration because it precluded them from efficiently managing their respective roles. DonorLogix’s IT department was over-extended because it was dealing with multiple inquiries, off multiple platforms....every day of the week.

From the outside looking in, DonorLogix multi-channel communications inefficiencies portrayed the company smaller than it actually was.


DonorLogix ultimately turned to the Streams cloud-based unified communications solutions from PanTerra Networks to resolve its communications woes. With Streams, DonorLogix found the answer to every platform-problem that plagued its staff under its former, varied “solution.” Foremost, Streams reduced the complexity of DonorLogix's communication logistics and protocols. Each element of the company's communications needs, plus several value-added benefits, was ultimately tied together by PanTerra’s single solution.

Interaction between donors and DonorLogix’s staff has now been simplified through the use of Streams UC interactions. DonorLogix takes advantage of:

  • Flexible calling schedules to connect with the donor the “first time” at the “right time.”
  • Instant messaging to provide support, encouragement and quick answers to staff questions.
  • Desk sharing to train, streamline communication and improve problem resolution speed.
  • Real-time call queue management.
  • Hold-time and Call-drop reporting.

DonorLogix staff now gets answers to questions quickly and more easily, they serve Donors faster and connect with management anywhere and anytime through mobile messaging, instant messaging and dynamic presence capabilities.


By integrating PanTerra's cloud-based solution with its existing customer relationship management application, DonorLogix also implemented click to dial and preview dial to augment staff efficiency and productivity by 21%. And, with the addition of superb data protection, the DonorLogix team confidently communicates with donors because every conversation is secure, recorded and stored in the cloud.

The quantifiable benefits of the unified communications platform have resulted in a 200% increase in sales during the past 14 months. Their value proposition has been solidified and the quality of service provision amplified. DonorLogix reports that integrating its modes of communication with PanTerra has also increased per donor revenue by 11%.

As DonorLogix continues to maximize the benefits of its unified communications, so too do their clients. Since the company implemented Streams, it has reduced its combined-clients blood purchases by 18% and has been responsible for an annualized savings of $1.3m, an average of $110k each month.

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