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Prior to implementing Streams, IronWare used a product called Altigen. Altigen is a proprietary on-premise VoIP system. Their system consisted of an Altigen server, Altigen proprietary phones and a software phone system called Max Communicator. Max Communicator is a PC-based only phone system.


Several challenges included:

  • Switching from PC-based to Mac-based – As Software Company, they started moving away from PC-based systems to Mac laptops. This meant that the Altigen soft-phone solution was not available – requiring them to use proprietary hardware to answer calls.
  • Phone Issues – From time to time, the phone system would freeze. This required IronWare to contact the networking company that sold them the system for support. Sometimes the networking company could “dial in” and diagnose the problem; other times they needed to be on-premise.
  • Support Issues – About 5 years after they bought the system, the networking company was not supporting Altigen anymore, which made it necessary for IronWare to support the system themselves, with mixed results.
  • Messaging Issues – There were several other problems over the years including issues with the messaging system, problems receiving voice messages with email, problems recording and deploying updated auto-attendant messages, and more.
  • Failed Motherboard – The final challenge occurred when the motherboard on the Altigen server failed and IronWare was unable to have the system repaired. The result – their main phone line had to be forwarded to a cell phone number to maintain any kind of communication with clients. Without direct phone numbers, IronWare’s clients wondered whether they were still in business.


They were “dead in the water” and needed an alternate solution – fast. PanTerra proposed Streams, a system that was loaded with features they had not even considered in a phone system – remote desktop support, conference numbers, fax numbers, call recording, integration with, SMS/chat with other employees, file transfers, and the UCC for an “all-in-one” window to gauge employee statuses and even immediate help from Streams Support if needed.

Everything from IP phone setup, to software implementation and training were all accomplished seamlessly and at unbelievable speed. IronWare had a fully functional system within 24 hours of contacting PanTerra.


There have been many benefits in moving to Streams.

  • Employee Visibility – Using Streams caused each of our employees to have greater visibility and faster communication with each other and our clients.
  • Flexibility in Office Location – Because of the stability of the Streams technology, IronWare made the decision to let their office lease expire and allow employees to work from home. This communication infrastructure has allowed us to save about $10,000 per month in office lease costs.
  • Increased Billable Revenue – Employees no longer have to drive into an office every day, thereby increasing billable hours and decreased reimbursement on auto and gas etc.
  • Multiple Conference Numbers – The ability to conduct conferences simultaneously has given employees the flexibility to hold meetings with clients as necessary. By eliminating the need for GoToMeeting, the cost of doing business has been reduced significantly.
  • Cloud-based System – With a super-stable cloud based system, IronWare’s employees can be anywhere and give the appearance of being, “in the office,” and always available for their clients.

We believe Streams and PanTerra Networks are a winning combination. And, I want to give a grateful thank you to Thomas Shinners, who put all this together for our company – in record time. You all rock!

Gregory Houston - President, IronWare Business Intelligence

About PanTerra Networks

PanTerra is a business-class Unified Cloud Service Provider, seamlessly delivering unified communications, team messaging, contact center, file sync & share and business analytics through Streams, its unified cloud solution. Streams is a HIPAA compliant, highly secure, ultra-reliable, futureproof unified cloud service that can be custom configured on a user by user basis and consistently deployed world-wide.

Streams includes unified communications and team messaging services that can upgrade or replace an enterprise's communications and team messaging infrastructure with a next-generation cloud-based solution and SmartBox, its HIPAA secure, enterprise cloud file storage, sync & share service.

All Streams services can be self-managed or provided through SentraCloud, its fully managed solution delivered by PanTerra, which includes the management of all Streams services, optional Internet or MPLS connectivity and any associated on-premises phones and networking equipment.

With PanTerra's Unified Cloud Service solution, enterprises consolidate their cloud services, gain the highest levels of security, scalability, reliability, availability, quality of service, service level agreement and support while significantly lowering their total cost of operations and IT administration complexities. PanTerra is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

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