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Merit Fasteners

Merit Fasteners, a supplier of industrial and mechanical fasteners; value-added reseller DVN Solutions; and PanTerra Networks form a tight-knit trio, fastened together in a perfect fit that has given Merit even better connections with its customers. Communications is the lifeblood of Merit Fasteners, but their previous system limited growth and negatively impacted the customer service experience. With offices across the southeast and clients across the globe, Merit’s goal to provide the highest-quality experience required extensive communication tools, customer-focused processes and a delicate balance of open-eared teamwork. With a unique customer-service focus that served customers of all sizes throughout the world, Merit Fasteners faced unique challenges—and to compete successfully against bigger firms, the company needed to pay close attention to their communications platform.

Merit Fasteners big bolt

Clear and frequent communications between employees and customers worldwide is the key to winning and keeping business contracts that depend on expert consulting. With traditional solutions, the costs for deploying a first-class telecommunication system could be astronomical—and out of reach for all but the largest of enterprises.

PanTerra’s Streams™ gives Merit Fasteners the unified communication system necessary to satisfy its demanding staff and customer base and increase its presence comfortably, while not breaking the company’s budget.

DVN Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of computer, networking and communication products and services for domestic and international businesses. DVN provides end-to-end solutions, including design/support, managed services, network maintenance, Windows servers, desktop computers and broadband interconnectivity. DVN also adds additional peace of mind for its clients through 24/7 network assurance and monitoring for cloud, on-premises and MPLS deployments, with automated notification and administration support.

DVN Solutions

DVN specializes in a wide range of networking and multi-vendor systems to offer a complete line of products such as HP, Dell, Cisco, SonicWALL, WatchGuard and Linksys networking devices, Windows and Linux-based server environments and desktops. DVN has selected PanTerra Networks as its exclusive unified communication service provider.

Why DVN Solutions Chose PanTerra

As a top Covad partner providing VoIP services, DVN Solutions was on track to be one of the leading resellers across the nation. The Covad channel manager respected DVN Solutions’ ability to drive business growth. DVN Solutions Partner, Derrick Dike, met PanTerra's Eastern Regional Channel Director, Keith Weiner and found the company's ability to provide demo services in minutes as opposed to weeks to be amazing. The breadth of PanTerra's unified communication services, as well as its channel support, was far more extensive than other providers, in the opinion of DVN officials. PanTerra’s Streams provided a great value for DVN clients, while providing DVN more avenues to engage customers. In looking at other vendors that claimed to offer unified communications, DVN found that they did not or could not deliver. The majority of DVN’s Covad business has been moved to the PanTerra platform.

PanTerra has lived up DVN’s expectations and more," says Derrick. "The company's superior platform, as well as its dedication to its channel partners, makes it an easy sell for us.

Derrick Dike - Co-Owner

Merit Fasteners was founded in 1977 in Orlando, Florida and in 2008 was certified as the largest Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise in the Sunshine State. Merit Fasteners is the premier industrial and mechanical fastener supply source for the Southeast, delivering superior value to its clients through its breadth of a growing product line and commitment to superior customer support. Merit Fasteners employs more than 60 people and operates out of four locations – three in Florida and one in South Carolina. Merit Fasteners fully expects to increase customer responsiveness and support through communication tools utilized and offered by DVN Solutions and PanTerra’s Streams.


Merit Fasteners originally was serviced by a VoIP service provider, but the company struggled to provide reliable service or responsive customer support. Merit was also using consultative services from another local VAR and the relationship here, too, was not optimal for Merit, as the VAR struggled to maintain a high level of responsiveness that both internal and external Merit staff required to service their customers. Although using what many believed to be a reliable service from Covad, Merit found that the solution and local provider fell short in several mission critical communication points including via remote or virtual home offices, reliability, support and interoperability. After researching PanTerra, Merit found the current solution to not be cost-effective to the company’s bottom line, and benefit adverse for Merit and its employees. Merit and its properties required remote desk capability and needed a renewed focus on the customer service part of the equation. Support was vital as the corporation moved forward.


Merit Fasteners' decision-makers found the answer to their communication network quandary in PanTerra Networks’ Streams solution through DVN Solutions. In Streams, Merit gained a unified communications system that saved thousands of dollars a month and added features and benefits not available before. The corporation’s properties were able to take advantage of multiple direct voice system communications on a single platform, thanks to the addition of a customized DVN Network package. The system delivered efficiencies previously unreachable by individual users and the company as a whole operated in a more responsive manner.

This was gained through better connections and more modes of communication, that were in turn enhanced by 24/7 support and service from both DVN and PanTerra.

With the Streams platform enhanced with the DVN Network utility of interconnected broadband network solutions, communication hardware and software, and support services, Merit and its employees gained a single dialing plan and group calls across all properties. Seamless communication has been the result, providing more responsive turnaround on internal and external projects. Merit and its employees can look forward to more service integration in the near future, including the addition of instant messaging. Connectivity and efficiencies have and will continue to grow for the company. At present, Merit is enjoying a monthly savings on its communications package in the neighborhood of $500 per month when compared to the previous system even after doubling their internet speeds between offices and upgrading their entire network infrastructure.

About PanTerra Networks

PanTerra is a business-class Unified Cloud Service Provider, seamlessly delivering unified communications, team messaging, contact center, file sync & share and business analytics through Streams, its unified cloud solution. Streams is a HIPAA compliant, highly secure, ultra-reliable, futureproof unified cloud service that can be custom configured on a user by user basis and consistently deployed world-wide.

Streams includes unified communications and team messaging services that can upgrade or replace an enterprise's communications and team messaging infrastructure with a next-generation cloud-based solution and SmartBox, its HIPAA secure, enterprise cloud file storage, sync & share service.

All Streams services can be self-managed or provided through SentraCloud, its fully managed solution delivered by PanTerra, which includes the management of all Streams services, optional Internet or MPLS connectivity and any associated on-premises phones and networking equipment.

With PanTerra's Unified Cloud Service solution, enterprises consolidate their cloud services, gain the highest levels of security, scalability, reliability, availability, quality of service, service level agreement and support while significantly lowering their total cost of operations and IT administration complexities. PanTerra is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

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