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New Mexico workforce Management

Government agencies like the New Mexico Workforce Management have unique challenges that need to be address in order to deliver the service and responsiveness that’s required to satisfy the people it was set up to serve.

Clear and frequent communications between staff members and with their clients is vital to efficiently assisting New Mexicans and others who work with New Mexico Workforce Management. Traditional telecommunication solutions simply can’t meet expectations and were unsatisfactory.

When PanTerra deployed the Streams™ unified communications system to New Mexico Workforce Management, it enabled the agency to do more for less. With state government budgets being slashed all across the country, the deployment of Streams was a smart fiscal move and would be for any government agency looking to save money while better serving its constituents and the taxpayers.


New Mexico Workforce Management (NMWM) is a progressive government agency located under the Eastern Area Workforce Development Board (EAWDB) formed in 2000 under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998. The EAWDB currently serves twelve counties on the East side of New Mexico.

NMWM is focused on delivering superior customer service to the state of New Mexico employees while providing fair guidelines for employers. This highly transactional team is at the forefront of setting the benchmark for service expectations for government agencies and the rest of the state’s municipal service organizations.


The New Mexico Workforce Management agency needed a new telecommunications system that was more effective and supported multiple modes of communication, but didn’t cost anymore than what they were currently paying. In addition to having multiple satellite offices around the state, NMWM had employees spread around the state working remotely.

In addition to standard office phone system features, NMWM needed a solution that supported the following features:

  • Instant message, MobileMessage
  • Call and IM Presence
  • Extension calling
  • Group extension
  • Voicemail and group voicemail
  • Automated after hours attendant
  • External unlimited calling


Streams is the world’s first completely cloud-based unified communications service designed for mid-market enterprises (MMEs) consisting of geographically dispersed offices and or employees. The advantage of Streams cloud-based delivery to NMWM was the addition of new modes of communication now available to staff, clients and new business prospects.

Since Streams seamlessly includes numerous communication services such as business voice, multimedia conferencing, web collaboration, fax, instant messaging, email, desktop share, and presence from one web interface, it addresses all MMEs' communication needs and eliminates the fragmented use and limited mediums their previous solutions offered.

PanTerra provided us with the perfect solution for our predicament. We need to cut back on our telecommunication costs, but at the same time we needed to better serve our clients, who want to engage with us on multiple modes. So we needed to handle email, text message, instant messages, and even faxes, on top of regular voice calls. The Streams unified communications platform was the answer.

David Brown - New Mexico Workforce Management IT Manager

Benefits Gained

  • Cut telecommunications costs
  • More responsive to internal and external customers and to peers
  • More flexible and mobile workforce with find-me-follow-me, MobileMessage, and MobileCall
  • Instant access to people and information through instant message, presence, and find-me-follow-me
  • Increased productivity - now doing more with fewer people
  • Increased customer satisfaction

There are plans to roll Streams to other New Mexico state government service providers.

About New Mexico Workforce Management

The New Mexico Workforce Management is a progressive government agency located under the Eastern Area Workforce Development Board (EAWDB) formed in 2000 under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998. The EAWDB vision includes making employers the number one focus; establishing a highly coordinated employment and training system that meets the needs of the employer and job seeker; developing a seamless one-stop delivery system for both the employer and employee, and addressing the educational needs and future work skills of all youth.

About PanTerra Networks

PanTerra is a business-class Unified Cloud Service Provider, seamlessly delivering unified communications, team messaging, contact center, file sync & share and business analytics through Streams, its unified cloud solution. Streams is a HIPAA compliant, highly secure, ultra-reliable, futureproof unified cloud service that can be custom configured on a user by user basis and consistently deployed world-wide.

Streams includes unified communications and team messaging services that can upgrade or replace an enterprise's communications and team messaging infrastructure with a next-generation cloud-based solution and SmartBox, its HIPAA secure, enterprise cloud file storage, sync & share service.

All Streams services can be self-managed or provided through SentraCloud, its fully managed solution delivered by PanTerra, which includes the management of all Streams services, optional Internet or MPLS connectivity and any associated on-premises phones and networking equipment.

With PanTerra's Unified Cloud Service solution, enterprises consolidate their cloud services, gain the highest levels of security, scalability, reliability, availability, quality of service, service level agreement and support while significantly lowering their total cost of operations and IT administration complexities. PanTerra is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

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