Mid-Market Enterprise


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The Mid-Market Enterprise (MME) with a workforce ranging between 50 and 500 users requires a cloud solution that optimizes IT resources and caters to the needs of all of its departments from Sales and Marketing to Operations and Finance.

Competing in today’s business climate with a disjointed array of single-service cloud solutions just doesn’t make sense. PanTerra’s Streams makes businesses more competitive by improving productivity and lowering operating costs with a unified suite of communications, file sync & share, analytics and mobility services delivered from the cloud!

Standardizing communications and file sync & share services on a common ultra-reliable and secure cloud infrastructure increases user adoption resulting in a productive and connected company with superior customer and employee satisfaction.

Our unique cloud-based approach delivers the industry’s lowest Total Cost of Operations (TCO) through the elimination of costly on-premises equipment with a simplified communications and file sync & sharing infrastructure in a worry free cloud IT environment.

Unified Communications

  • Complete communications infrastructure delivered from the cloud including intelligent PBX, multi-media conferencing, web meeting and deskshare, digital fax, content management, and more
  • Integrated file sync a& share services and business analytics provide robust multi-service cloud solution
  • Advanced administration supporting multiple administrators, multiple admin-levels, multi-user actions and both distributed and centralized administrative control
  • Advanced QoS management ensures business-level communications
  • Advanced security features including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), encryption in-transit and at-rest for all communications and mobile device management
  • Ultra-reliable 99.999+% availability ensures your communications are always available

Complete Cloud Contact Center

  • Cloud-scalable contact center solution that can be deployed anywhere in the world
  • Built-in analytics provide real-time optimization and monitoring of your enterprise
  • Advanced features such as call-back, skills-based routing and cloud-based call recording
  • Real-time unified live monitor available on desktops and mobile devices

Unified Business Analytics

  • Advanced communications analytics provide over 100 customizable business metrics with real-time and scheduled reporting/notification and built-in communications to affect corrective action in real-time
  • Integrated communications, content and financial analytics metrics provide a common analytics framework for supervisors and management, increasing productivity
  • Real-time analytics monitoring on desktops and mobile devices ensures timely notification and responsiveness

File Sync & Share

  • Unlimited secure cloud storage with flexible privileges and advanced administrative controls
  • Enhanced security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), multiple privilege levels and encryption in-transit and at-rest
  • Communications content and user content in the same cloud provides higher levels of productivity, collaboration and faster response to prospects and customers
  • Advanced multi-user administration designed for MME who want distributed or centralized administration of all their cloud services
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication, CRM/Outlook/Office 365 interoperability and unified contact/group management simplify usability and improve productivity


  • Full support for all Streams services on tablets and smartphones
  • Push architecture ensures that incoming communications are delivered to you anywhere any time
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and remote device management ensure security and privacy

Ultra-High Service Attributes

  • Streams services are delivered from fully hardened, secure, redundant, cloud data centers capable of withstanding virtually any natural disaster
  • 99.999+% reliability/availability with QoS monitoring built-in
  • A world-class, experienced NOC monitors all Streams services 24/7/365
  • 24/7 live support through phone, IM, deskshare, email and fax