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Dealing with the complexities of a business communication network with multiple offices, subsidiaries or remote employees is no easy task. Traditional voice solutions require multiple products, applications and services per location and remote users are still left with limitations. Add to that all the other communications that we use on a daily basis to maintain network synchronicity and the costs and headaches are compounded.

Enter the PanTerra Network where business communications to us is everything unified regardless of location including digital business voice, video, fax, email, contact, calendar, chat, instant message, presence, conferencing, webinars and desktop sharing from one interface.

With Streams, multiple office support is not a definition with physical demands or limitations; it is simply a configuration setting. Complete freedom to present your customers with your best representation, and route communications to employees to best suit your business needs. Our multi-site billing detail allows you to break down costs per user/per site so you have complete visibility for usage, plans and activity. If a summary is all you require, simply change a setting to the consolidated view. Where the PanTerra advantage really steps in is our futureproof service assurance that provides updates, features and lifetime support 24/7 regardless of location.

Eliminate CAPEX Costs

  • With PanTerra's Streams service, buying CAPEX for multiple locations is a thing of the past
  • Streams services run in a reliable data center and are delivered to you "on-demand" through your existing data network
  • Combine many more communications services you already depend on, like email, web meeting, desktop sharing, audio conferencing, secure IM messaging, just to name a few

Unify Communications

  • At PanTerra, we solve the communications dilemma by unifying all of your communications needs
  • PanTerra provides a complete one-stop-shop for all of the communication, collaboration, call center and messaging services required to run your company
  • Connect all of your users through one, unified communications platform
  • Collaborate with co-workers around the globe
  • Consolidate your voice traffic, and manage your globally distributed telephony solution through one simple interface