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The advertising industry is multi-faceted and requires an integrated approach with relation to their communications needs. Advertisers need the ability to communicate with their clients and prospective customers through more than just a telephone. They require instant access through video conferencing, web meetings, desk sharing and file sharing. Streams is a complete communication solution, which enables advertisers to deliver quality products and services to their customer-base.

Geographic independence

  • Access your office communications anywhere in the world
  • No client software to install
  • Perfect for mobile road warriors

File Sharing that Communicates

  • Share files, communicate and collaborate all in one solution
  • Share large files with ease
  • Instantly communicate via email, calling, IM, video, fax, conference, deskshare and web meeting

Communicating through a variety of mediums

  • Communicate the way you want to
  • Supports voice, video, IM, SMS, fax, conferencing, email, deskshare and web meeting
  • Start in one medium and switch or add other communications mediums

The Streams Advantage

  • Significant savings in monthly communications expense
  • Improved productivity
  • Drive revenue and reduce "sales friction"