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Large businesses are reviewing their human resource requirements with scrutiny and releasing employees at an alarming rate. In many cases, the released individuals are hired right back on a consulting basis driving a substantial amount of the consulting growth to date. Many of the consulting businesses are formed by groups of people just like this who have worked together in the past, bringing together complementary skills and often customers

Rarely do consultants have established businesses, so they are starting from scratch and many times have been exposed to large communication budgets experiencing the positive impact technology can have on a business. A lot to think about, but Streams services deliver complete communication services so consultants can focus their time and energies on their specialties.

A communications solution not tied to any physical location

  • When renting office space, purchasing expensive equipment and commuting to work is not part of the plan, Streams is a key component
  • Wherever you have a browser, you are always connected to Streams
  • Whether you work from your home office or are required to work from your clients’ locations, you can access everything you need – anytime, anywhere, any device

Communicating through a variety of mediums

  • Many consultants require the ability to communicate with their clients via phone, fax, text, instant messaging, conferencing, etc. With Streams, consultants can stay in contact with their clients in the best way possible
  • When a document needs immediate changes before signature, when a client isn’t certain about how to do something, or when collaboration is required to make a time sensitive decision, Streams gives you access to all communications mediums

The Streams Advantage

  • Streams can save you over 75% on your current communications costs while providing all the benefits of cloud-based Unified Communications
  • Streams delivers instant access to services, infinite scalability and growth, elimination of on-premises hardware and software obsolescence
  • Streams offers consistent reliable infrastructure for multiple locations, remote users and mobile workforce, optimized disaster recovery capability, maximum flexibility and futureproof continuous feature upgrades
  • Streams brings your communications infrastructure into the 21st century!