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Dealing with the complexities of a business communication network with multiple franchise locations, franchisees and billing methods is no easy task. Traditional voice solutions require multiple products, applications and services per location and keeping communication expenses under control and organized can be daunting.

PanTerra’s unified communications cloud solution means less administrative overhead and cost with faster deployment for new franchises. Our goal is to give you complete freedom to concentrate on expanding your business – leave your communications to the cloud experts.

Customizable multi-location, multi-payment billing system

  • Separate billing groups can be configured for each (or group of) franchise location(s)
  • Each billing group can have separate billing invoices, billing methods (credit card/manual invoicing) and billing addresses
  • Completely separate billing statement can be created that can rollup multiple billing invoices, thus creating subtotalled summary statements for corporate or a franchise owner with multiple locations
  • Any line item cost can be split across multiple bills allowing cost splitting at the line item level
  • Any hybrid billing model from centralized single invoice to multiple invoices with single or multiple locations per invoice can be configured easily in a web-based administration portal

Ultra-reliable cloud infrastructure

  • 99.999+% reliability/availability ensures your customer engagements are always maintained and available no matter what time of day
  • Business-level Quality of Service (QoS) ensures the best presentation of your company
  • 100% cloud service means that even if the local franchise infrastructure fails, customer engagements will continue without interruption

Ultra-flexible, customizable cloud service

  • Add/modify/delete cloud services and users with a click of the mouse at anytime from anywhere
  • Move the complete IT infrastructure from one location to another instantly without reconfiguration, which allows for easy management of upsizing, downsizing or adding franchises
  • Support for at-home, in-store or hybrid franchise models
  • Take all office communications and content mobile on your smartphone, tablet or notebook
  • Unified service makes it simple to deploy and manage each franchise location

Advanced features

  • Built-in contact center supports centralized or distributed agents
  • Built-in analytics allow franchises to tune their business in real-time
  • Multiple administrator support allows for location specific management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign On ensure secure, private communications
  • Single dialing plan allows extension dialing of multiple locations