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With the advent of the web, competitive pressures from virtual insurance brokers and virtualization delivering longer work days for clients and staff, insurance companies are finding new ways to increase their personal service and competitiveness. These demands are driving requirements for accessibility whether mobile or operating from multiple locations, the ability to integrate multiple means of communication such as instant message, emails and appointments, and a schedule to ensure every phone call is answered around the clock regardless of location is an absolute necessity.

Insurance companies step up to the 21st century with PanTerra’s fully integrated Streams unified communication platform designed to take your company to the next level of competitiveness.

Service Benefits

  • Eliminate on-site complexities and overhead costs
  • Unite multiple offices or service multiple cities from a single office
  • Route calls efficiently and automatically based on time of day or real-time presence
  • Outsourced strategy enables firms to focus on finance and banking and not technology

Powerful Features

  • Call recording for training, customer support and quality
  • Supervisory modes (silent listen, whisper in ear, and barge in) for training and increased customer satisfaction
  • Account codes to track communications costs and time per client
  • CRM integration with and Microsoft Outlook