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Let’s face it – we can’t all be in the same place at the same time. So, how do we continue to communicate with the office staff, the shipping/receiving department, and the plant personnel without losing time and maintaining consistency? Traditional voice solutions – voicemail, teleconferences, video conferencing, etc. require multiple products, applications and services. Add to that all the other communications that we use on a daily basis to maintain network synchronicity and the costs and headaches are compounded.

Enter the PanTerra Network where business communication to us is everything unified regardless of location or job function, including digital business voice, video, fax, email, contact, calendar, chat, instant message, presence, conferencing, webinars and desktop sharing all provided through one interface.

With Streams, multiple department and facility support is not a definition with physical demands or limitations; it is simply a configuration setting. Complete freedom to present your customers and employees with a clear and concise message that best suits your business needs. When you have plants scattered across the globe, our multi-site billing detail allows you to break down costs per user/per site so you have complete visibility for usage, plans and activity. If a summary is all you require, simply change a setting to the consolidated view.

Eliminate CAPEX Costs

  • Save on multiple location deployments
  • Eliminate maintenance support contract costs
  • FutureProof your IT Infrastructure

Unified Communications

  • Simplify your communications experience
  • Close business faster
  • Consolidate IT administration