Real Estate


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Streams enables the real estate industry to communicate with clients and its support organizations (i.e., escrow, title, broker, etc.) on multiple levels and have access to valuable information in real-time. To remain competitive these transaction-oriented businesses must have field sales that are mobile while remaining connected, have instant access to important information from offices, staff and peers, and be able to quickly automate repetitive inquiries regarding valuable inventory.

Provide the Communication Tools Your Staff and Customers Need

  • Connect with your customers using fax, calling, IM messaging, video and audio conferencing and email
  • Calendaring system and email to keep everyone accessible, on the same page and on schedule
  • Group team members and individuals together for phone, email, instant messaging and broadcast voicemails to increase productivity and accessibility across the whole organization
  • Direct dial access numbers and automated attendant call distribution for the entire organization
  • Webinars on the fly so information for clients and employees can be conveyed quickly

Automate Repetitive Tasks

  • Auto Attendant with customizable playback messages that can be updated for listing updates
  • Customizable AA menuing trees can direct customers to specific agents for faster response
  • Dial by Name with extension to cell phone routing connects customers to agents even if they're in the field

Integrated Digital Fax

  • Use your computer to send and receive faxes
  • View and download faxes to your smartphone or tablet
  • Securely share faxes with anyone

Keep Staff Informed with Distribution Lists

  • Broadcast voicemails to staff distribution lists about key information
  • Broadcast voicemails can be stored and listened to at any time
  • Share voicemails with anyone