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The complexities of retail have changed dramatically over the last 5 years. Brick and mortar has become the showcase, and warehouse and online transactions dominate this dynamic and highly market-driven world. The change in customer behavior has forced retailers into looking at new ways to improve communications - both internally and with their customers, while also reducing overall operating costs.

A Complete Unified Communication Platform for the Whole Organization

  • Service for all sites and communication types
  • Calendaring system and email to keep everyone accessible, on the same page and on schedule
  • Group stores, teams and individuals together for phone, email, instant messaging and broadcast voicemails to increase productivity and accessibility across the whole organization
  • Direct dial access numbers and automated attendant call distribution for the entire organization
  • Webinars on the fly so information with clients and employees is at your fingertips
  • MobileMessage – so mobile people get instant text messages or emails on cell phones improving accessibility
  • Complete call center and remote agent and supervisor capabilities unifying front lines with operations for superior response and customer service

Total Communication Cost Reduction and Improved Infrastructure

  • Eliminates duplication, complexities and significantly reduces costs and administrative overhead
  • Cloud delivery essentially eliminates on-site equipment, applications and maintenance; thereby reducing capital expenses and maintenance costs
  • Futureproof guarantee gives a foundation that eliminates obsolescence or scale forecasting
  • Native multi-site architecture allows businesses to dynamically change without any communication technology limitations