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Be More Productive

Be More Productive

When you waste less time trying to connect with people, you become more productive. Streams eliminates wasted time due to missed calls, bounced emails, and other communication snafus. With Streams ability to connect instantly with co-workers through a secure business-class messaging platform, you can get prospect questions answered instantly without delay. And with multiple communications mediums at your disposal, you can multi-task, improving your productivity even further.

  • Multi-task with multiple communications channels at your disposal
  • Receive updates instantly from co-workers
  • Spend less time chasing people and more time closing deals

Close Business Faster

Time and Money

Success is all about closing opportunities faster and closing opportunities faster is all about being more responsive with the right information. Streams gives you all the tools to be more responsive by making it easier to connect and share with people instantly. Eliminate phone tag and multiple email replies. With intelligent call and message routing, never miss an important call or message again. And with persistent content sharing, always have access to the right information. By always being available, no matter where you are, you remove "sales friction" which can torpedo even the best intentions. With Streams, you're more likely to win the deal!

  • Persistently share any content including text, audio, video, pictures, documents and even live streaming
  • Intelligent call routing sends incoming calls to wherever you are
  • Convert messages to SMS and back based on real-time presence
  • Take all your communications with you with Streams mobile apps

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Eliminate Obsolescence and Redundancy

Eliminate Obsolesence and Redundancy

As your company grows and the number of locations increases, static on-premises communications solutions can quickly become obsolete and excessively redundant. Keeping hardware spares and managing multiple support contracts can be challenging and expensive. With Streams, obsolescence is a thing of the past since technology updates can be instantly deployed from the cloud. In addition, redundancy for reliable operations is done holistically at the enterprise level, optimizing reliability while minimizing unnecessary redundancy.

  • Replace static obsolete on-premises equipment with dynamic futureproof cloud technology
  • Eliminate excessive redundancy at each location for efficient redundancy at the enterprise level
  • Eliminate multiple support and maintenance contracts

Build a FutureProof Infrastructure

FutureProof Infrastructure

Your company's ability to be dynamic and responsive to market and industry trends can be the difference between survival and failure. Your infrastructure shouldn't hold you back. With Streams, your infrastructure becomes futureproof with infinite elasticity and flexibility, continuous technology improvements, ultra-reliable operations, and consistent deployment on a global scale. Streams delivers a futureproof infrastructure for your enterprise.

  • Gain an infinitely scalable and flexible infrastructure
  • Receive technology updates instantly
  • Deploy consistent IT services and features across your enterprise

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