Streams File Sharing

Collaborative File Sync & Share

Now you can share, communicate and collaborate all in a single cloud solution. Streams comes with SmartBox - Enterprise File Sync & Share, which means you can share files and folders directly with anyone. Manage share privileges, file versions and even locally sync content to your local desktops and mobile devices. With SmartBox, you decide how you want to share content, using the Streams team-oriented approach or the SmartBox content-oriented approach.

From virtually any device, access, organize and share your documents and folders to co-workers, clients, partners, prospects and customers around the world. Never worry about running out of storage space, managing complex content replications, dealing with obsolete file servers, configuring and maintaining FTP and VPN networks. With Streams SmartBox, you can share, communicate and collaborate with mobility!

  • Unlimited cloud storage for simple and secure file sharing
  • Share content to anyone anywhere with flexible control
  • Fully integrated into Streams with all Streams content stored in SmartBox
  • Sub-folder sharing allows you to organize and share content the way you want to
  • Integrated Streams communications features make communications and collaboration a snap
  • Instantly audio/video conference or group chat with people you've shared content to
  • See real-time presence for all share users
  • All your communications and user content stored in the same cloud
HIPAA compliant SmartBox is built into Streams

HIPAA Compliant SmartBox is Built Into Streams

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