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For security, you can only access your Streams account from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with the Streams UC mobile app. You also need a valid Streams account. The Streams UC mobile includes the SmartBox file sync & share feature.

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Streams, Built for Smartphones and Tablets

With Streams, you can take your office with you and never miss any communications or opportunity. Not just a softphone or messaging app, Streams is a comprehensive communications, collaborations and file sharing solution that allows you to work that way you want to and to get things done much more efficiently and effectively. With Streams you can keep teams updated in real-time, share information securely, flexibility manage content sharing and communicate in real-time when needed.

Available on desktop and as a mobile app for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, Streams provides the following features:

  • Complete multi-media content sharing with teams and individuals
  • Persisitent content sharing over time
  • Built-in unified communications and file sync & share capabilities
  • Built-in contact center and analytics capabilities
  • Full softphone for ext-to-ext, PSTN or international calling
  • Full audio/video conferencing to both desktops and mobile devices
  • Full web meeting and deskshare capabilities
  • Complete contact and team management
  • Cloud-based call recording
  • Enhanced security with HIPAA compliance, MPLS networking and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

One of the most powerful features of Streams is the integrated real-time communications features. Streams literally replaces your PBX and supports live calling, voicemail and even digital faxing. Receive office calls directly from clients and customers, make extension to extension calls to co-workers or make outbound calls as if you were in the office. With Streams contact management integration, you can instantly communicate with anyone in your team stream or contact list.

Make and Receive Live Calls from Streams

Streams provides a powerful call management feature called MobileCall which allows you to transparently (to the caller) move a live call to any other device (office phone, home phone or other phone) without disrupting the ongoing conversation. This feature is great when taking a call in the car, but transitioning it to your desk phone once in the office (or vice versa too).


Instantly move a call from one device to another

With Streams, all your communications content is easily at your fingertips, includnig all your voicemails. Streams shows all your voicemails "visually" so you can instantly see and manage all your voicemails at a glance. Listen to the one that's important first and delete any that aren't appropriate.

Visual Voicemail

Easily view voicemails with visual Voicemail

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Manage Multiple Devices

Multiple Active Device Manager

Streams comes with Multiple Active Device Manager (MADM), which allows you to manage all your collaboration sessions and communications on any or all of your devices, including multiple desktops, tablets and smartphones. All notifications are coordinated and synchronized so you don't waste time manually deleting old notifications.

Send and receive calls and messages from any device as if you were in your office. Never miss any communications. And MADM allows you to remotely monitor, force log out and even block any of your devices remotely; a necessary feature should your device become stolen or lost. Once blocked, all locally cached content is immediately erased, preventing any information from being compromised.

Communications Content in the Same Secure Cloud

Communications & user content in the same cloud

Where do you go to listen to your work voice mails? What about your faxes or call recordings? And what if you need to retrieve an old work IM? Do you have to go to multiple systems? With Streams SmartBox, it's a snap. All your communications content is in the same cloud as your Stream content!

Streams SmartBox provides a system "Communications" folder with subfolders for each of your communications content. And that content is live and interactive with your communications service. So if you receive new voicemails, you can see and listen to them on your desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone. And after you have listened to all your new voicemails, the blinking message light on your deskphone will go out!

Streams SmartBox also extends its powerful sharing capabilities to all the communications content as well. Thus, if you want to share a voicemail or call recording with a colleague or even someone from another company, it's as simple and secure as sharing any other content in Streams SmartBox! With Streams SmartBox, your collaborations and communications are seamlessly integrated.

Secure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Moving to the cloud is great, but securing your team collaboration and communications can be a challenge. Today, many service providers are consumer-oriented providers and don't provide business-level security. With Streams, PanTerra leads the industry in providing 100% multi-factor authentication on all devices (IP phones, desktops and mobile devices) significantly improving the security of your team collaborations and communications so that you can have peace of mind. All content is encrypted in-transit and at-rest and Streams is fully HIPAA/HiTech compliant

Should your Streams credentials be compromised, no unauthorized access of your account can be made! Should your mobile device be stolen, you can remotely block that device from accessing your account.

Enhanced administrative tools are also provided to easily manage the security of the service to easily handle disaster recovery events as well as other unique business environments.

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Unified Live Monitor & Analytics

Unified Live Monitor & Analytics

Streams even has built-in contact center capabilities, allowing contact center agents and their supervisors unparalleled contact center functionality on their desktops or mobile devices. Streams provides a Unified Live Monitor (ULM) view of all contact center queues, agent activity, real-time analytics and reporting.

Supervisory modes such as silent listen, whisper and barge-in provide contact center managers the tools to monitor, train and assist agents when necessary. Configure over 100 fully customizible SLA/KPIs which can notify supervisors in real-time if a metric is exceeded. Detailed ad hoc, scheduled and periodic reporting provides clear and up to date information about your business so you can optimize resources and instantly respond to customers and prospects.

Streams has File Sync & Share Built-in

SmartBox - File Sharing that Collaborates

Manage all your communicates and file sharing in one solution with SmartBox. Streams SmartBox allows you to store, sync and share content with anyone anywhere AND collaborate with them instantly. Streams brings team collaboration, real-time connunications and full file sync & share capabilities together in a single powerful mobile app for the frist time.

With Streams you can work and share your way. If you are people and team oriented, use Streams as a team collaboration app, sharing persistent content within each team stream. If you are more content-centric and want to share and control specific files, documents and folders, use the SmartBox features of Streams to do just that. With powerful sharing controls, file versioning and HIPAA compliant security, Streams SmartBox provides a safe and secure means of sharing content.

You can even share SmartBox content in a Stream directly. And all Streams content is stored in the secure SmartBox cloud infrastructure. With Streams you can share, communicate and collaborate all in the same app.

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