Streams Multi-Media Messaging

Securely Message Anything in Real-Time

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Streams embraces the new world of multi-media, real-time messaging, allowing businesss to securely and safely converse or share any type of information or content to anyone, anywhere in the world in real-time. With Streams, you can easily message someone, sharing text, links, emoticons, pictures, video, audio, files and even folders of content.

Streams messaging either individuals or teams is both simple and quick. A stream is a fully secure, persistent place in the cloud to message and share information. Once a Stream is created, you can securely message or share any type of content by uploading it into the stream from your desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone. You can even stream live video/audio or conduct a web meeting or conference call directly from a stream. With Streams, real-time messaging, team collaboration and sharing move to the next level, accelerating productivity and allowing people to message, share, communicate and collaborate the way they want to.

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Share Multiple Files and Folder

Need to share lots of files, images, videos or even folders of content? Only Streams has you completely covered! With Streams you can select any number of images, videos, files or even folders of content and upload them to a Stream as a single item in the Stream. This simplifies sharing and allows you to share large volumes of information at once in an efficient and effective manner. You can even add a title and comment to each of the images or videos. And of course, all the uploaded content is securely encrypted both in transit and at rest in the cloud.

"The ability to upload multiple pictures of a house as a single uplioad or upload a single folder of pictures is a great time-saving feature of Streams. It makes it super easy to show a home to a prospective client in real-time."

Manager, Nation-wide Realty Service

Multiple Files Uploading Support

Support for Multiple File Uploading

The ability to upload folders of content is unique to Streams. This is a powerful feature that allows you to share large amounts of organized content with a single click. Folders can have complete sub-directory structure as well. And with Streams, all Streams content is fully HIPAA secure so you can store and share content securely and safely.

Folder Upload Support

Support for Folder Uploading

Share Live Streaming

Streams supports live audio/video streaming across both windows/mac desktops and iOS/Android smartphones and tablets providing an instant means of live broadcasting to thousands of viewers. Both audio and video can be streamed in real-time. Moderators can create a live stream object in any stream and start/pause/stop the live stream at any time. Viewers of the stream will receive a notification that the live stream has started/stopped. Viewers can optionally record the live stream for later playback as well.

"Live streaming has been an incredible benefit for our salesforce. We use live streaming to provide weekly training and timely market updates for our distributed sale force. It is truly a valuable feature of Streams."

Sr. Director of Sales, Hi-Tech Manufacturing Company

Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming

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Social Media Features

Streams has Social Media Features

Streams provides rich social media features so you can gain instant feedback on your messages and shared content from your team. Team members can add their comments on a partiular shared item, "like" an item and even re-share the item to others. This provides immediate social feedback to the content provider and allows for individualized feedback from team members.

Important items can be pinned to the Stream and viewed collectively. Team members can even re-share an individual item in a stream to another colleague or stream with a simple click. Easily re-share items to other social media platforms as well, such as twitter, facebook and instagram. With Streams, sharing content can't be easier.

And with Streams Analytics, you can track what content is trending positively or negatively within your company and take action instantly with Streams built-in communications features. With Streams you have real-time monitoring and feedback from all areas of your business.

Enhanced Security for Streams

Sharing sensitive corporate data in the cloud can be risky. Many cloud sharing applications do not have secure cloud storage implementations, often coming from a consumer background and architecture.

Streams was designed from the ground up to be an enterprise-level, highly secure, content sharing and cloud storage platform. With Streams, all your content is fully encrypted in transit and at rest in a fully HIPAA/HiTech compliant cloud storage platform. Streams also enforces mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on all devices that can access Streams (IP Phones, Desktops and Mobile Devices). Whether you're in the healthcare industry or not, Streams provides the most secure and protected cloud environment for your company's sensitve corporate information.

Streams is Fully HIPAA Compliant

Streams is Fully HIPAA/HiTech Compliant

Streams enhanced security features include:

  • Fully HIPAA/HiTech compliant cloud service
  • Mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on all access devices (IP phones, desktops and mobile devices)
  • Optional MPLS network connecting the customer to the Streams cloud
  • Optional Single Sign On (SSO) support with industry leading 3rd party SSO providers

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