Streams Unified Service

Unified Multi-Media Content

The first thing you'll notice about Streams, is that you can share anything! Text, links, pictures, video, live streaming, files, documents and even folders can be shared with ease. Setting up and individual or team Stream is a snap and once created a stream is a secure persistent repository in the cloud for securely sharing anything. Accessibly from any desktop or mobile device, Streams provides a universal means of instantly sharing content and keeping people updated in real-time.

Streams even has a free account that anyone can sign up for, which gives them access to other poeple's streams as well as allows them to create their own streams. So even sharing content to people outside your company is easy, convenient and secure.

Unified Notification

Streams combines all your communications, collaborations and file sharing notifications into a single place, simplifying your hectic life while making it easier to react in real-time to events. Whether it's being notified that a new document version is available, a ConnectMe video confrerence has just started, a live streaming broadcast is ongoing, a missed phone call from a client or an improtant fax, Streams unified notification provides a single repository for all your notifications.

Imagine the following scenario:

  • You receive a notification that you just missed an important call from a client.
  • You then receive a voicemail notification and instantly click to listen to the voicemail. It's a prospective customer asking for an updated quote for their big decision making meeting.
  • You message your sales person on the account along with the VP of sales that you want to have an immediate conference call regarding the quote.
  • You instantly initiate the sales video conference call, make decisive adjustments to the quote and get it to the customer.
  • The customer received the new quote just in time for the meeting and you WIN the deal!

With Streams, you comfortably handle the above scenario in less than 5 minutes, sealing the deal and winning the business. No jumping between apps or sending email invitations or looking up contacts. Just share, communicate and collaborate all in the same app.

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Unified Contact and Team Management

Unified Contact Management simplified management of all your contacts, groups and teams, delivering maximum collaboration productivity while eliminating redundant tasks.

Imagine sharing a document with multiple people both inside and outside of your company using a separate file sync and share service. You create a group within the service. Now you want to conduct a web conference with the same group. What do you have to do? You have to create the same group again in your web conferencing service. Now you want to message the group regarding some updates. You have to create the group again in your separate messaging service.

Now what happens if the group members change? You have to modify the group in three separate applications! Multiple this frustrating redundant task hundreds of times across an organization or company and you can see productivity and collaboration go down the drain!

Enter Streams unified contact and group management capability. You create your teams or groups once! All Streams services have access to your group instantly. Change the group and all Streams services instantly see the change. No more redundant wasted group management headaches!

And Streams supports the creation of both personal and global account teams/groups which means the administrator of the account can create global teams once and all users within the account can see and use the global team definition. And if the team changes, the administrator can make the change once and all users in the account see the change instantly.

Finally, Streams supports contact import from multiple sources including Outlook, Google, Yahoo and generic .csv files. And Streams imports virtually all of the contact fields, not just name and email, providing access to all your contact information in the cloud. This allows Streams to be your global cloud contact management service as well.

Streams Works on All Devices

Streams was designed from day one to run on virtually any and all computing devices including desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, convertibles, smartphones, IP desk phones and even conference phones. On the desktop, Streams works natively in both Chrome and Firefox browsers on both Mac and Windows desktops. Additionally, Streams can run as a stand alone client application (streams.exe) independent of a browser. This allows company's and users that are not using Chrome or Firefox to still gain all the benefits of Streams.

Both an iOS and Android Streams app is available at the respective app stores, providing complete Streams functionality to mobile devices.

Streams key features include:

  • 100% browser-based application (Chrome or Firefox) does not require any software on the desktop
  • Streams.exe client application also available which doesn't require browser access
  • Completely integrated softphone for desktop or mobile device IP calls
  • Interoperability between desktops and mobile devices and iOS and Android devices with respect to all features, including video/audio conferencing, deskshare and web meeting, calls and transfers
  • Real-time presence - "online", "away", "idle", "on the phone" as well as customizible presence options. Also integrates with outlook calendar events and skype for business.
  • Integration with Outlook, Office 365, Google Gmail, Google Apps, Syep for Business, Salesforce and more
  • Full multi-media content sharing to both teams and individuals
  • Persistent content sharing
  • Enhanced security with HIPAA/HiTech compliance, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), MPLS network and Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Complete content management with built-in SmartBox file sync & share

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Unified Administration

Streams centralizes all your collaborations, communications and file sharing into a single, easy to use, secure (MFA) browser-based administration portal. With a single login, you can manage all your users and account level services with just a click of a mouse. Add/delete users, customize per user features or add account level services such as contact center or web meetings with ease. And because it's browser-based, you can administer your whole company from anywhere in the world.

With special multi-location features, you can administer all your company locations easily and conveniently from a single desktop. Per location billing, reporting, administration and monitoring capabilities make deploying and managing individual locations a snap.

Unified Mobility

With Streams, your mobile workforce is completely covered. Receive calls and messages from Streams automatically. Collaborate with teams and groups seamlessly both in real-time and over time. Securely share corporate information with confidence. All your contacts and calendar events are synchronized with Streams, keeping you up to date at all times. And you can securely access Streams from anywhere in the world with just an Internet connection.

If you have remote, telecommuting or home-based workers, they too can be completely and seamlessly integrated into Streams. Integration includes a single global dialing plan, real-time presence integration and common administration for all users. Deploying remote and telecommuting workers has never been so easy.

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