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Conferencing Tools for Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Your project's deadline is looming and getting everyone in the same room and on the same page when they are spread across the country and the globe can seem unreachable. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all you had to do is launch a video conference and everyone on your team is automatically connected! Well, with ConnectMe HD video conferencing from the cloud every member of your team will have access and input to critical projects and hard deadlines.

  • ConnectMe HD Video Conferencing eliminates the hassles of using a third-party product
  • Chat with the whole group or create a sidebar 'private' chat session
  • Share your desktop and give control to other members of your team as necessary
  • Schedule your video conference or simply launch ad hoc
  • Never miss a deadline again due to inadequate communications

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Real-Time, Persistent Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration

Everyone seems to be busier than they’ve ever been before. your workforce is no longer restricted to being in the same building, the same city, the same state or even the same country. Which makes it difficult to keep your team on-track and working in unison towards a common goal. With multi-media, persistent content sharing, Streams provides a team collaboration platform like no other. Share phots, documents, video, audio, faxes, voice mails, virtually anything to teams dsitributed around the world. The content remains persistent over time allow true team collaboration over an extended period of time. With real-time presence, you have visual cues telling you which team members are available, on the phone, out to lunch or away from their desks. Initiate a group chat message and everyone, no matter where they are, will be able to respond real-time – even if they’re traveling, out of the office, or on a coffee break. Team collaboration has never been easier.

Content and Communications Together

Content and Communications Together

The essence of doing business with a successful result means being able to share information, communicate and collaborate effectively, and deliver a quality product to your customer. Unfortunately, you've had to rely on disjointed products and services from multiple vendors and still may not have all of the tools you need to succeed. Well, with Streams - SmartBox, all of your worries are over. The communications tools you need – instant message, web conference, video conference, softphone, contact sync – have been integrated into a total solution. Launch SmartBox and all of your files and the people you have shared information with are at your fingertips. Start a video conference and share your desk so that everyone is working from the same document real-time. Think Box meets Skype meets Yahoo Messenger meets GoToMeeting – all bundled into one cohesive solution – SmartBox.

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