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The sales funnel, when viewed from a traditional stand-point, consists of many touch points – phone calls, voicemail, email, text messages, teleconference, and so on. The problem is that sales personnel have to rely on different service providers (telecom, cellular, teleconference, web conference, etc.) to do business. Enter Streams – the unified communication solution that provides all of the tools required to reduce the sales cycle and decrease sales friction.

  • Easily transfer between your softphone, desk phone and mobile phone with MobileCall
  • Unique number for teleconference
  • Instant message between colleagues for quicker response time
  • Securely share documents, pictures, and video with anyone, anywhere
  • Web conference with desk share

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Respond with the Right Information

Get Information Faster

Exchanging emails with revised quotes/specs as attachments can become frustrating when you have to by-pass firewalls and have the potential for dying inside of spam. With Streams desk share, you can conduct a web conference and make changes to documents real-time – always certain that you are responding with the right information every time. And with Streams, you can securely share documents, pictures, and even video.

Resolve Issues Faster

Respond to Issues Faster

Once you've closed the deal, you can simply move on to the next potential customer and never have to deal with existing customers again, right? WRONG! Existing customers require your attention from time to time. And, they remain "loyal" customers when you respond to and resolve issues in a timely manner. With Streams, you have the tools necessary to make calls, transfer between devices, have access to internal personnel through instant message and can share desks with the click of a mouse. The turn-around time to issues resolution is significantly reduced when you and your colleagues are utilizing all of the unified communications features offered with Streams.

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