Streams Benefit - Eliminate Obsolesence

FutureProof Communications Infrastructure

Eliminate Obsolescence

Obsolescence cost refers to the likelihood that your Unified Communications platform will suddenly become a complete loss because your vendor fails to offer solutions to keep up with the changing telecom environment -- or at least, fails to offer them within a cost range that you find acceptable. In that situation, the only available options are to allow your company to fall behind the curve, or to completely reinvest in a new system from a new vendor. Especially for multiā€site businesses, a complete on-site UC overhaul can be staggeringly expensive.

Not only does such a business have to spend money to rip out their old systems, but the capital costs involved in setting up a new system are noteworthy in their own right, making an obsolete on-premise UC platform essentially twice as expensive.

Compare that to PanTerra's all cloud solution, the chance of your UC platform becoming obsolete is virtually nonexistent unless PanTerra goes completely out of business -- and even if that happens, changing UCaaS vendors is much less of a hassle than swapping hardware and wiring out across all of your business sites. With a FutureProof guarantee, the cloud makes obsolescence "obsolete".

  • Recurring upgrade hardware costs necessary for on-premises solutions is eliminated.
  • Significant "rip and replace" costs due to obsolescence are also eliminated with cloud solution.
  • PanTerra's Streams solution provides futureproof alternative with effortless upgrading from the cloud.

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Automatic Updates/ Enhancements

Automatic Updates/Enhancements

PanTerra offers a profoundly different UC experience from traditional on-premise systems. By delivering our solutions via the cloud over a simple IP connection, we eliminate the need for on-premise hardware or costly analog phone lines. Because we upgrade and maintain our system on our side of the cloud, there will never be any concern about obsolescence or equipment breakdowns. Any SIP phone or Internet browser can access your entire UC platform online, eliminating even the basic need to install and update client software. With almost no capital costs and reduced ongoing costs, Streams reduces communications costs in all stages of use.

  • Service updates delivered seamlessly through the cloud to all locations.
  • Major enhancements and new features also delivered via the cloud.
  • Service upgrades from the cloud virtually eliminate expensive on-site upgrades and installation charges.

Centralized or Distributed Administration


With on-premise equipment, managing or administrating the service can be challenging at best. With Streams, you can administer/manage the service from any location anywhere in the world. And if you have multiple geographically dispersed administrators, Streams is your solution too, allowing multiple administrators to manage portions of an account in a distributed manner. And Streams flexible administration capabilities are ideally suited to managing a large remote or mobile workforce. Centralized or distributed, with Streams, you're always in control.

  • Centralize or distribute administration of the service easily.
  • Streams service ideally suited for geographically dispersed locations and remote/mobile users.
  • Streams can be managed by multiple administrators.

Eliminate Truck Rolls

Eliminate Truck Rolls

Deploying human capital is expensive. So if you have multiple on-premises hardware solutions deployed across your company, the likelihood you or your outsourced IT service will have to roll a truck will be high. Replacing failed components, performing preventative maintenance or software upgrades, or installing upgraded hardware all require expensive truck rolls. With Streams, truck rolls are eliminated since the service is delivered and maintained in the cloud. The only hardware associated with the service are the end points (telephones) which can be pre-programmed and drop-shipped to a location.

  • Streams service is delivered and maintained from the cloud, eliminating truck rolls.
  • Telephones can be pre-programmed and drop-shipped to a location.
  • Futureproof architecture eliminates truck rolls even on service upgrades and enhancements.

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