Streams Cloud Call Center

Streams built-in Call Center provides unlimited enterprise-level queuing and distribution of incoming calls based on intelligent routing algorithms. Use Streams call center for powerful inside sales management or provide best-in-breed support using Streams call center capabilities. With advanced features such as built-in customizable analytics, skills-based routing, supervisory modes (Silent listen, whisper and barge-in), customizable call recording and fully integrated file sharing and web meeting capabilities, Streams Call Center can take your enterprise sales or support teams to the next level.

Cloud Call Center

We have over 200 Streams cloud Call Center seats with PanTerra. We especially like the skills-based routing and agent training/assist features with whisper, barge and monitor. Selective-call-pull from queue enables us to better prioritize our premium client calls. With Streams advanced Business Intelligence capability, we have real-time performance notifications across all our agent groups, enabling us to drill down and monitor agent and Call Center performance in real-time.

Sy Zahedi - CEO, MedXM

Real-Time Business Intelligence Built-In

Take your business to the next level with Streams advanced real-time business intelligence capability which allows you to monitor, react and adjust to business in real-time! Set up over 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Service Level Agreements (SLA). Monitor call center call queues, call center agent efficiencies or any user in your company. Measure queue lengths, call talk time, missed calls, idle time, handled calls and more. Set measurement intervals, threshold values, operation types and interval definitions. If a metric is exceeded, the offending queue or user is flagged red in the Unified Live Monitor (ULM) instantly, alerting supervisors to take immediate action. Notifications can also be sent via IM, email or SMS too. Additionally, periodically scheduled or ad hoc intelligence reports can be generated and sent to supervisors as well.

Imagine being able to know instantly when customers have been waiting in a call queue for more than a minute and be able to instantly pull a customer out or add agents to reduce customer wait time. Know instantly when a support technician has been on the phone for more than 20 minutes and whisper into their ear so that you can give instant feedback on how to be more efficient when handling a support call. With Streams real-time business analytics, your business can be optimized for peak performance in real-time. Click here for more information.

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Advanced Queuing

Streams provides a number of advanced Call Center features found only on high end Call Center solutions. These features and capabilities add convenience to customers calling in as well as improve efficiency and productivity for agents. Streams Call Center service improves the customer's experience with sophisticated Call Center features like Push Customer to Agent, Customer Call Back and Pull Caller Out of Queue.

Push Customer to Agent gives more control for supervisors to direct important or critical customers that are in the queue to an agent immediately. This ability improves customer satisfaction and can dramatically lower customer frustration levels, especially for your more important customers. It is this level of sophisticated customer control that sets Streams Call Center service apart from others.

Customer Call Back eliminates the need for a caller to wait in a queue until an agent is available! It allows a caller to enter a phone number (or the system grabs CallerID if available) where they can be reached and then hang up. When their place holder reaches the front of the queue and an agent is available, Streams calls the customer back, saving them from having to wait in the queue for the next available agent! This feature significantly increases customer satisfaction (and can lower customer frustration too).

Call Center Call Back Feature

Call Center Call Back Feature Keeps Customers From Waiting On The Line!

Selective-Call-Pull, allows an agent to selectively pull a caller out of the ACD queue no matter where in the queue the caller is. The agent can see the caller's CallerID information. This is useful if a priority customer is identified or if a particular agent needs to connect immediately with a waiting caller.

Call Center Push or Pull Caller Feature

Call Center Push or Pull Caller Out of Queue Feature

Streams ACD call queuing is a sophisticated queuing system that enables your Call Center to accept more calls into your PBX than your agents are capable of answering at any one time. It is ideal for managing and distributing incoming calls so you can give your customers that extra added attention. With ACD call queuing, you never lose a customer because your agents could not answer the call. Your customers are answered automatically and held in a queue while all your agents are busy. While waiting for an agent, customers receive a greeting message followed by on-hold music. Streams ACD call queuing is user-friendly and offers web based access for easy setup and customization to fit your business needs, such as setting up multiple call queues. Multiple routing algorithms allow you to tailor the Call Center to your business and agents, including ring all, round robin, longest-time idle, random, next available, fewest calls and skills-based. Skills-based routing is a powerful method that allows you to associate agents with particular skills and route calls based on those skills.

Once answered, an agent can even transfer a caller to another queue (like from Sales to Support).

Streams Call Center Call Queuing key features include:

  • Automatic answering
  • Music on hold
  • Web-based management
  • Multiple routing algorithms including ring all, round robin, longest-time idle, random, next available, fewest calls and skills-based
  • Call queuing on/off configurability
  • 10 call queues included (more available as add-ons)

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Supervisory Modes

Streams cloud-based virtual Call Center has advanced features that help companies train and improve agent performance. Supervisory Modes allow a third party supervisor to interact with an agent/caller and include the following modes: Silent Listen, Whisper and Barge-in. With Silent Listen, a supervisor can listen in to any agent's current phone call for evaluation and feedback. With Whisper, the supervisor can actually whisper into the ear of the agent without the caller hearing anything. This can be very useful for on-the-job training of agents. Finally, Barge-in allows supervisors to break into a call and take over the conversation. These modes can be initiated straight from the real-time unified live monitor group within Streams.

Streams Supervisory Modes are Built Right into Unified Live Monitor and are Available on Both Desktop and Mobile Devices

A key feature of Streams supervisory modes is that they can be applied to ANY user in the company, not just Call Center agents. That means sales management can supervise sales trainees more effectively and customer support supervisors can manage their support team in real time. In addition, both inbound and outbound calls can be supervised.

Call Recording

Streams provides a variety of recording solutions for Call Center agents and supervisors. Agents can elect to record inbound or outbound calls from their handset, softphone or mobile phone with a simple key stroke and recorded calls can be seamlessly transferred between handsets, softphone and cell phones mid-call. Calls recorded will be stored in the agent's shared storage along with emails, voicemails and digital faxes for later play back, search and sort.

Agents can set up 3 recording modes within Streams: static recording, which records all calls in a scheduled work day per user; random recording, which is a selectable percentage of calls to record; and on the fly recording, which is always ready for any user and any portion of a call. Call Center Supervisors set the recording mode for each agent. Supervisors use a web-based Command Center to set random and static recording modes and to control, as well as initiate, on the fly recordings. All calls being recorded have a visual representation of that status in the Streams graphic panel along with caller ID and queue name.

Call Center Supervisors can select the call recording mode from the Streams interface

Call Center Supervisors can actively monitor which calls are being recorded in real time

With Streams call recording service, you can record both inbound and outbound calls using one of three recording modes. You can optionally set whether a "recording beep" tone is played to either party separately.

In addition, you never have to worry about running out of storage or losing all your recordings because of a PC failure at work! All Streams call recordings are stored in the cloud on reliable, redundant SmartBox storage servers. Any and all recordings can be downloaded to your local PC at any time.

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PBX Integration

Streams cloud-based virtual Call Center is unlike other "overlay Call Center" solutions. Other Call Center solutions do not integrate or interact with any of your existing PBX and other communications services, which can be frustrating and time-consuming for agents to deal with. For example, your agent might be on an outbound call, when their phone starts ringing because the "overlay Call Center" solution didn't know they are on an outbound call and routed an incoming call to them. This is frustrating for both agents and customers since the agent gets interrupted while on a call and the customer waits longer in queue to reach an available agent.

With Streams, the Call Center solution is fully integrated with all other Streams services, including PBX, conferencing, real-time presence, collaboration and messaging services. Streams Call Center solution is fully aware when an agent is on an outbound call and routes an inbound customer call correctly. In addition, the real-time live monitoring feature of Streams Call Center solution includes non-Call Center calls such as extension to extension and outbound calls so that a supervisor can see all calling activity for an agent. Finally, having a common user interface for administration and management for agents and employees reduces IT complexities.

Live Monitor and Reporting

Streams Advanced Cloud-based Virtual Call Center delivers high-end features such as real-time Live Monitor and Detailed Agent Reports. Both features help in-house Call Centers optimize and fine-tune their resources so that they can provide the most efficient and effective service to their customers.

Streams enterprise-wide ACD provides sophisticated real-time live monitoring and is available from any Internet browser. Both inbound and outbound calls can be monitored and displayed. In addition, you can interact with the live monitor, such as pull a caller out of queue and connect instantly with them.

In addition, Streams enterprise-wide ACD provides sophisticated real-time reporting and is available from the easy to use browser accessible administration portal. Both inbound and outbound calls are monitored and available in the reports.

ACD Call Queue Reports

Detailed Call Queue Reports for Each ACD Queue

ACD Answered Calls Reports

See Answered Calls Statistics Per Agent

ACD Call Details Reports

Analyze Detailed Call Records Per Agent

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