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Industry's Broadest Integration

With Streams extensive and broad integration with 3rd party applications and services, Streams will not only seamlessly integrate into your existing IT environment, Streams will enable all your applications with the power of unified cloud communications and collaboration.

And Streams ultra-reliable infrastructure means your communications and most importantly your business continuity stay operational 24/7. With end-to-end business Quality of Service (QoS) built-in, Streams delivers exceptional service to 3rd party applications. Streams can be your reliable communications and collaboration backbone.

  • Use Office 365 or Outlook to call any contact using Streams PBX
  • Receive or make calls directly within CRMs such as Salesforce, Desk, ZOHO or Zendesk
  • Have call details transmitted directly to your CRM
  • Skype for Business plugin supports inbound/outbound calling using WorldSmart
  • Connect your IP phones, softphones or mobile phones to any of your 3rd party applications

Streams integrates with 3rd party applications and cloud services to empower them with unified communications capabilities. Make a call straight out of your Office 365, Outlook contacts or even straight from your Skype for Business application. Reviewing an email and want to call the sender? No problem, click on the phone number in their signature block and the call is placed using Streams PBX functionality.

Streams provides instant calling capability inside Office 365 (contacts screen)

Using a web-based CRM like Salesforce, Desk, ZOHO, ZenDesk, Desk or ServiceNow? Streams integrates with all of them to provide both inbound and outbound call handling. Incoming calls will generate screen pops or trouble tickets. Call details are delivered instantly to the CRMs so that appropriate customer information can be reviewed and processed.

Streams provides instant calling capability inside SugarCRM

In addition to pre-defined 3rd party integration support, Streams supports two industry standard API interfaces: OpenCTI and RestAPI. This provides the broadest support for other customer specific or 3rd party applications to directly interface and utilize Streams communications infrastructure.

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Universal Browser Integration

Streams integration doesn't stop with Office 365, Skype and Salesforce CRM integration. In fact, Streams can bring unified communications to ANY webpage and ANY web-based service. With Streams, any telephone number on any webpage is instantly converted to a clickable telephone link that can place a call using Streams PBX functionality.

For example, let's say you have documents uploaded into PanTerra's SmartBox or Dropbox or Box cloud storage. When you preview that document on the web, if the document has a phone number, you will be able to click on that phone number and Streams will immediately place a call to that number from any of your registered phones. It's that easy.

Streams provides instant calling capability inside Dropbox documents

When the phone number is clicked, Streams allows you to use any of your phone devices to place the call: your IP desk phone, your computer's softphone and even your mobile smartphone! With Streams, you're connected and plugged in no matter which web-based application or service you're using.

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Skype for Business Integration

Streams provides a Skype for Business plugin executable (S4B Plugin) that allows Skype-centric users to use the Skype for Business application with the PanTerra back-end service providing ultra-reliable enhanced services to Skype for Business users.

The S4B plugin is the only plugin that supports multiple active calls which means you can manage an office or handle multiple callers at once. Place callers on hold, perform blind or supervised transfers and even conference all callers together. In addition, outbound calls can be made from any registered device including the softphone, any registered IP hard phone or even a generic DID number (such as a cell phone). Inbound calls can also be taken on any registered device.

The S4B plugin provides the following unique functionality:

  • Make outbound calls from within the Skype window using PanTerra's telecom service
  • Receive inbound calls to any device including softphone, IP phone or any DID number
  • "On the Phone" presence passed to Skype window
  • Recent calls history window
  • Make outbound calls from any device including softphone, IP phone or even a cell phone with settable default device option
  • Supports multiple active calls at once. Perform blind or supervised transfers, hold or mute functions
  • Supports conference call function with all active/on hold callers

Single Sign On (SSO) Support

All Streams services support Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities when used with an approved identity provider. These identity providers provide a single sign in portal from which you can access all Streams services and portals without the need for a separate login or security authentication. Enterprises with Active Directory authentication can connect directly to these identity providers to get seamless Streams SSO capabilities. Users no longer have to remember URLs, usernames or passwords, yet be able to maintain the highest level of security.

PanTerra has teamed up with a number of identity providers so that the Streams suite of services and portals are registered and available once you obtain a user license for the SSO service. Contact PanTerra to view the latest list of identity providers.

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SIP Device & Desktop Compatibility

Streams supports and interfaces with a number of industry standard devices and protocols, ensuring the ability to leverage your existing assets and networking infrastructure.

You can connect any SIP-compatible phone device to Streams, including SIP desk phones, SIP Conferencing devices, SIP softphones and even SIP compatible smartphones. You can also connect analog phones to Streams through an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), which converts the old analog phone to a SIP compliant device.

Streams also utilizes your existing networking equipment and networks to deliver its service. PanTerra and its partners work to ensure that the networks can provide the necessary bandwidth and QoS levels necessary. This ensures that you leverage all your existing data networking assets to their maximum capabilities.

Streams 100% browser-based client, including Streams softphone, work on all major operating systems and browsers, including Windows, Mac, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This provides the broadest level of client support in the industry.

MPLS and MPLSConnect

If your business has multiple locations and you need the highest level of quality of service (QoS), PanTerra has a solution for you. In another industry leading action, PanTerra offers guaranteed QoS through PanTerra's own dedicated MPLS network or a connection to its service through a managed MPLS port, which can be connected to ANY MPLS service provider the customer selects. For those customers that want the highest level of guaranteed service, PanTerra's MPLS and MPLSconnect delivers the most cost effective and reliable solution in the industry. With PanTerra MPLS and MPLSconnect, PanTerra delivers a guaranteed level of bandwidth and QoS so that the customer's services are protected.

By supporting both its own MPLS network as well as the ability to connect into a customer's existing MPLS network, PanTerra provides the most flexible, cost effective and secure connection method to its cloud service. PanTerra has you covered either way.

With PanTerra's dedicated MPLS network, you get an end-to-end, highly secure QoS'd PanTerra solution

With PanTerra MPLS, you can an end-to-end, highly secure, QOS'd PanTerra solution

With MPLSconnect you get the freedom to choose your  own carrier

With MPLSconnect, you can choose your own MPLS provider and get a managed connection to PanTerra

If you have multi-locations and want the highest level of guaranteed bandwidth and QoS at the most cost effective price with complete disaster recovery options, find out more about PanTerra's MPLS and MPLSconnect service today!

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