Streams Cloud PBX

Advanced Cloud PBX

Streams Cloud PBX

Streams advanced PBX takes your phone functionality to another level. Benefits include lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from eliminated CAPEX costs to low monthly costs with unlimited calling and unified communications and finally, the elimination of annual charges typically associated with long term maintenance contracts and frequent on-premises hardware failures.

Additionally, Streams includes business features and services that premises-based phone systems lack and other hosted PBX providers cannot provide such as unified multi-media messaging, persistent team collaborations and real-time presence. Streams features include unlimited auto attendants, voicemail, call recording, account codes, remote employee support, unified messaging, multi-site reporting and softphones. Streams also includes unified communications for fax, email, chat, and mobile text, with fully integrated presence regardless of location.

Streams Advanced PBX in the Cloud

Replace Your Old On-Premises PBX with Streams PBX in the Cloud

The Streams advanced PBX advantages continue with integrated video conferencing, web meeting, desktop sharing, webinar and remote desktop capabilities as well as contact center module with skills-based routing, all backed up with our futureproof services assurance that provides updates, features and lifetime support 24x7.

  • UNLIMITED digital business voice
  • Unlimited Auto-attendant
  • Call handling (Hold, Fwd, Transfer, Pickup/Park, DND, Caller ID)
  • Flexible call routing (holidays, calendar, day and night, live operator)
  • Unlimited Multi-Media Messaging with Follow-Me/Find-Me, voicemail and fax to email
  • Live operator console with active presence
  • Supports SIP-compliant IP phones
  • Softphone integrated into Streams desktop (Included in all suites)
  • Operator console (ACE)
  • Company directory
  • Zone management
  • Custom hunt & ring groups
  • Account Codes (ex: used for communications cost assignment in law offices)
  • Remote Office Extensions
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and Bridge Line Appearance (BLA) support
  • Music on hold
  • Multi-location billing and CDR records
  • Integrated call/contact center functionality
  • Integrated analytics and contextual intelligence

Streams advanced PBX also comes with intelligent follow-me/find-me call routing. With this feature, you'll never miss another call. Programmed from the user dashboard, you can automatically route incoming calls to any or all of your phones. You can sequence the routing to ring certain phones first or you can "call blast" to all phones in your routing plan. Any phone can be used in the routing plan: cell phone, home phone, office phone or softphone. You can set up schedules to activate different routing plans based on time of day or day of week.

Streams intelligent follow-me/find-me call routing key features include:

  • Sequentially route incoming calls to any phone in your routing plan
  • Call blast to all phones simultaneously
  • Set up different routing plans and activate them based on a schedule
  • Manage call routing through easy to use browser dashboard
  • Combined with MobileCall, you can take your office calls with you!

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Integrated Softphone

Streams integrated softphone

Streams provides a powerful fully integrated softphone that works completely inside your desktop PC, allowing you to make or take calls from the convenience of your computer, notebook, tablet or even smartphone! With advanced features like redial history, one click access to voicemail, call logs and ringer and volume settings, you are always connected.

Need to conference in a couple of co-workers? Need to bridge 4 people together quickly for a conference? You can do it with a few mouse clicks with Streams powerful N-way conferencing capability. Just click on any caller on hold and instantly conference them all together! You can even individually mute or hang-up each participant. And you can add new participants to an already running conference. You can conference as many participants together as you want! That's the power of Streams!

Imagine the ability to use your computer to answer and redirect an incoming call to another co-worker! You can with Streams softphone, which seamlessly integrates telephony with your computer. Through Streams powerful desktop interface, you can answer, put on hold, forward, conference or transfer any incoming call.

Do you get a lot of calls per day? Do you need an efficient and effective way of routing those calls? Streams softphone provides a visual way of handling all your calls with ease. You will visually be able to see multiple callers and instantly know who is on hold.

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Advanced Call Recording

Streams provides a variety of recording solutions for business users, contact center agents and supervisors. Business users can elect to record inbound and outbound calls from the handset, softphone or mobile phone with a simple key stroke and recorded calls can be seamlessly transferred between handsets, softphone and cell phones mid call. Calls recorded will be stored in the user's shared storage along with emails, voicemails and digital faxes for later play back, search and sort. Users can have storage allocated by communication type modified and have total storage increased.

Streams users can set up 3 recording modes within Streams: static recording, which records all calls in a scheduled work day per user, random recording, which is a selectable percentage of calls to record, and on the fly recording, which is always ready for any user and any portion of a call. Contact Center Supervisors set the recording mode for each agent. Supervisor’s use Streams' web-based Command Center to set random and static to control as well as initiate on the fly recordings. All calls being recorded have a visual representation of that status in the Streams graphic panel along with caller ID and queue name.

With Streams call recording service, you can record both inbound and outbound calls using one of three recording modes. You can optionally set whether a "recording beep" tone is played to either party separately.

Contact center supervisors can select the call recording mode from the Streams interface

With Streams call recording service, you never have to worry about running out of storage or losing all your recordings because of a PC failure at work! All Streams recordings are stored in the cloud on reliable, redundant storage servers. Any and all recordings can be downloaded to your local PC at any time.

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MobileCall - Seamless Call Transfer Between Phones

Ever take a call on your desk phone and wished you hadn’t because you have to go? Ever walk into your office while talking on your cell phone and wish you could move the call to your office phone? Mobility is a driving force for businesses today and your communications should deliver mobility as well. With Streams’s MobileCall your communications move with you… seamlessly.

MobileCall allows you to take or place calls from any phone - your office phone, cell phone or even home phone, and during the call, seamlessly move that call to any other phone without the caller knowing anything happened. No call interruption, no conversation interruption, no inconvenience. Imagine taking a call from a customer on your office phone and then seamlessly moving it to your cell phone so that you can get to your next meeting on time. Or taking a call on your cell phone while in your car and seamlessly moving it to your home office phone once you reach home. And you can move a caller multiple times, if necessary, during a single conversation. For example, you might take the call at your desk phone, transfer it to your cell phone so that you can walk down the hall and check on something, then transfer it back to your desk phone all without interrupting the conversation!

MobileCall works with ANY phone including IP phones, cell phones and softphones.

Visual Call Parking

Streams Visual Call Park feature provides the ability to visually see all calls that are parked within the system from within the Streams interface. A user can visually see every parked caller, including their CallerID information and the length of time they have been in the parked state. If the user wishes to connect to a parked call, they can simply roll over the call and connect instantly from any of the user's devices, including their cell phone or any PSTN number. Users can also optionally dial the call park extension directly to pick up the parked call.

Enhanced Voicemail

Personal and Group Voicemail

Get unlimited personal Voicemail storage as well as an unlimited number of group mailboxes.

Visual Voicemail in Browser

See and listen to all your Voicemails right from the convenience of your Internet browser. That means you can listen to your Voicemails anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Voicemail to Email Delivery

On the go? Get your Voicemails delivered to your email box instantly. You can listen to them straight out of your email box.

Voicemail Call Back

Need to call back the person that left you a Voicemail? It's a snap with automatic call back. Just click the call back link and you are connected instantly with the voicemail party.

Readable Voicemail

Readable voicemail transcribes user voicemails into text and sends the translated text message to the user as an email. In a recent survey of power voicemail users, over 90% stated readable voicemail was the phone feature they would miss most if taken away. Readable voicemail is a great accessibility tool while in meetings or unable to listen to voicemails by enabling users to read the content of voicemails that have been transcribed. This feature also reduces the time it takes to review voicemails by eliminating logging in, navigating prompts and listening to them.

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