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Fully Managed Cloud Services

Welcome to the new era of fully managed IT cloud services, SentraCloud by PanTerra Networks. SentraCloud allows you to outsource three key IT infrastructure components to the cloud: Unified Communications, Team Collaborations and Secure File Sync & Share.

With SentraCloud you don't have to worry about enormous capital expenditures or locked in leasing agreements for equipment that becomes obsolete the day it's installed. With SentraCloud, you outsource your antiquated, inflexible, costly infrastructure to the IT cloud experts who will deploy and manage a completely secure, reliable and futureproof cloud-based IT infrastructure for you. This allows you to lower your overall operating costs and focus on your business rather than your infrastructure.

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SmartBand Connectivity

We live in an interconnected world and with businesses going global and getting closer to their customers. Remote locations, distributed functions and multi-country enterprises are necessary requirements to compete in today's business environment. Connecting all your locations together consistently and with your customers is business critical and requires expert management in order to ensure business continuity.

SentraCloud's SmartBand service delivers fully managed bandwidth to each and every location of your business so that you can focus on your business and not your infrastructure. SmartBand delivers a level of Quality of Service (QoS), reliability, security and performance unmatched in the industry. With bandwidths from 1 Mb/sec to over 100 Mb/sec, SmartBand can meet your corporate needs.

SmartCPE On-Premises Equipment

Outsourcing your IT services to SentraCloud also means not having to worry about your on-premises equipment. PanTerra will install, configure, manage, and warranty all equipment for the services, including necessary routers, switches, phones, and tablets. PanTerra's training monitoring center will monitor your local LAN to ensure it is operating at the highest level of performance and QoS. Should any equipment fail, PanTerra will replace it at no charge.

Installation and Training

With SentraCloud, all SmartCPE on-premises communications networking equipment is configured and installed on-site. This includes the routers, switches and endpoints (desk and conference phones). Full end-to-end testing is performed before cutting the network over. In addition, on-site end-user training of all phones and Streams user interfaces is provided with additional remote and local training sessions available as required.

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TotalCare Satisfaction

SentraCloud's TotalCare customer satisfaction and support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor and administer all Streams services. Should you need to add or change any service, a TotalCare administrator can make those changes. If your company is adding a new location, TotalCare will work with you to setup and provision the new site. All SmartCPE equipment will be professionally installed by a local TotalCare representative who will also provide any end user training on how to use the devices. Through Streams 30 second instant IM access to support, you are guaranteed to get answers fast!

SentraCloud FAQ

Have a question regarding SentraCloud? Get answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding managed services, SmartBand, SmartCPE, installation/training and more.

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