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Let Streams help improve your customer satisfaction, reduce wait times, and streamline workflows. Our customizable plans are expertly tailored to meet your unique needs. Upgrade your customer service with our Cloud Call Center today.

Supervisory Functions with PanTerra's Cloud Call Center

Monitor, Whisper, and Barge Capability: The Power of Visual Supervision Streams offers revolutionary features never seen in a Cloud Call Center previously: supervisory capability in our video platform.
With our Connect platform, you gain the ability to:


Monitor: Silently observe your team's video conversations, allowing you to stay in the loop without interfering.


Whisper: Communicate directly with your team members during a video call, offering guidance and coaching without the other party hearing.


Barge: Join video calls as an active participant, ensuring seamless collaboration and immediate support.

Supervisory Functions with PanTerra Cloud Call Center

Analytics You Can Trust

In our Cloud Call Center solution, we offer robust reporting and analytics capabilities.
Here's how our analytics features can revolutionize your approach to call center management:
Real-Time KPI Metrics

Real-Time KPI Metrics: With over 120+ real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics at your fingertips, you can gain a comprehensive view of your call center's performance. Monitor and set alerts for specific metrics, such as tracking the number of missed calls within a particular queue in a given day. 

Cradle to Grave Tracking

Cradle to Grave Tracking: Our Cradle to Grave tracking feature provides unparalleled visibility into the lifecycle of each call. Discover who interacted with the call, how long they handled it, any periods it spent on hold, and its subsequent path.

Versatile Comparison Options

Versatile Comparison Options: With PanTerra's reporting and analytics, you can perform period-to-period, queue-to-queue, or representative-to-representative comparisons effortlessly. Whether you're evaluating activity levels or other essential metrics, you will be able to identify trends, track progress, and make data-backed decisions.

Automated Reporting and Scheduling

Automated Reporting and Scheduling: Our platform allows you to automate the generation of reports and schedule their delivery via email. Whether you require daily, weekly, or monthly reports, our system ensures you receive critical insights, without manual effort.

Admin Demonstration of User Usage in Reports

Call Center

So Much More than Phone Calls

Enhanced Communication
Engage customers on the media of their choice for a seamless customer experience.
Intelligent Routing
Route interactions to the right agent based on context and customer intent.
CRM Integration
Ensure instant access to information with CRM integration and custom apps.
Advanced Analytics
Gain insight into customer interactions and agent performance with detailed reports.
The system is dead reliable. We've not experienced a single outage in 2+ years.
The ability to connect with all of our employees in all the countries they work in brings our company closer.
We have saved money and not had the problems we had with the previous provider.
I would say PanTerra Streams has brought us more reliability in that we have multiple ways clients can connect with us thanks to the SMS campaign.
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Herm Harrison, Vice President
Jeffery Chupa, Lead Project Manager
Tamara Cobb, Executive Director
Heather Maynard, Office Manager

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What's the Cloud Call Center?

Cloud Call Center is a part of Streams, our all-in-one communication solution. Manage your customer service operations from a single platform and improve the customer experience.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
Get real-time collaboration, intelligent routing, virtual assist, complete customer view, and more.
Increased Productivity
Enjoy seamless integration, automated call distribution with inbound/outbound call blending, and advanced analytics.
Scalability & Flexibility
Scale your business as much and as often as needed, with flexible plans, bundle pricing and remote accessibility.

Advanced Features for Improved Customer Interactions


Handle More with Less

Efficiently manage incoming calls by directing them to the right agent, enabling teams to handle more customer inquiries, reducing wait times, and improving customer satisfaction.


Prioritize More Efficiently

View incoming calls in real-time, prioritize workloads, and allocate resources accordingly, ensuring timely and efficient handling of customer inquiries.


Scale Up or Down Fast

Set up Cloud Call Center with ease, without the need for specialized hardware or software, reducing implementation costs and improving time to market.


Faster Data-Backed Decisions

Manage your teams more effectively by tracking key performance indicators, identifying areas for improvement, and making data-driven decisions that improve customer satisfaction.

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Advanced Features

Below are some additional features for the more technical aspects of the PanTerra platform. 


Multi-Channel Support: Call, Text, Email, Social Media

Engage customers on the media of their choice to provide a seamless customer experience.


Inbound & Outbound Blended Calling

Seamlessly move between inbound and outbound calling queues to maximize agent productivity.


Optimized for Multi-Location Distributed Businesses

Deploy agents anywhere in the world while managing them centrally or distributed.


AI-Based Agent Assist

Use AI to suggest next best action and streamline the agent workflow experience.


Supervisor Tools

Empower supervisors with tools to monitor and improve agent performance.


Customer Journey Tools

Empower agents to deliver personalized services and a seamless customer journey.

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