Refer a Customer & Get Paid

Refer a prospective customer to PanTerra and receive up to $75 per user qualifying Streams seat in cash!

The Details You're Looking For: How Much Can You Earn?

The referral bonus for accounts with at least 10 qualifying Streams seats is:

  • $75 per qualifying Streams seat with a 3 year term plan

  • $50 per qualifying Streams seat with a 2 year term plan

  • $25 per qualifying Streams seat with a 1 year term plan


  • Referral customers must not have been in PanTerra's lead database at the time of submission (This includes partner leads).

  • You must fill out this form and submit it prior to the customer going into production in order to be eligible for the referral bonus program.

  • The referral customer account must be currently in good standing with PanTerra and have paid their first two invoiced bills in full to qualify for the Customer Referral Bonus.

  • Customer referrals that do not close and go into production within 180 days of the referral registration date will expire from the program and are no longer valid to receive the Customer Referral Bonus.

  • Checks will be sent to the referee after all terms are met.

  • PanTerra reserves the right to change this referral program at any time without notice.

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