Simplified Online Business Faxing

Built for teams inside and out of the office so you can connect with ease.

Our cloud-based platform allows for easy setup, secure file sharing, and fax broadcasting capabilities. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional faxing and try our Internet fax service today.

So Much More than Business Fax

Streamlined Faxing
Simplify faxing and improve organization by sending and receiving faxes electronically.
Secure & Compliant
Meet industry privacy and security regulations with a secure and compliant solution.
Custom Cover Pages
Enhance company branding and maintain organization with customizable cover pages.
Mobile Compatibility
Send and receive secure faxes from anywhere with mobile compatibility.
The system is dead reliable. We've not experienced a single outage in 2+ years.
The ability to connect with all of our employees in all the countries they work in brings our company closer.
We have saved money and not had the problems we had with the previous provider.
I would say PanTerra Streams has brought us more reliability in that we have multiple ways clients can connect with us thanks to the SMS campaign.
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Herm Harrison, Vice President
Jeffery Chupa, Lead Project Manager
Tamara Cobb, Executive Director
Heather Maynard, Office Manager

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What is Internet Fax Service?

Paterra's Internet Fax Service, part of our Streams communication platform, let you send and receive faxes electronically, eliminating traditional fax machines.

Increased Efficiency
Save time and resources by sending and receiving faxes electronically.
Enhanced Security
Meet industry regulations with a secure solution that protects sensitive information.
Convenient Accessibility
Access faxes from anywhere with mobile compatibility that provides convenience and flexibility.

Better Cloud. Better Online Fax.


Fewer Hardware Problems

Eliminate traditional fax machines and hardware obsolescence by sending and receiving faxes electronically.


Stay Compliant

Ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information and meet industry regulations with a secure and compliant solution. Streams is HIPAA/HITECH compliant so you don't have to worry.


Anywhere, Anytime Access

Access faxes from anywhere, at any time, with mobile compatibility that provides convenience, security and flexibility.


Professional & Custom

Enhance your brand image and provide a professional look to your communications with customizable cover pages.

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