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PanTerra Networks & Service Titan: Elevating Communication Beyond competitor's Reach

Are you tired of being part of a long-term beta test?

Do you seek a cloud phone system that not only promises excellence but also stands the test of time? 
PanTerra Networks, in collaboration with Service Titan, emerges as the superior choice, excelling over Dialpad, particularly within the Service Titan ecosystem. 
Discover why PanTerra is the future of unified communications.

PanTerra's Competitive Edge with Service Titan

Integration with Service Titan's Enterprise Hub

PanTerra's competitive advantage over its competitors, such as Dialpad, is evident in its successful integration with Service Titan, specifically with the Enterprise Hub. Service Titan's Enterprise Hub, a multi-tenant platform tailored for seamless management across various Service Titan tenants, is crucial for a small business in the Commercial Service Software and Home Service Software overseeing multiple local operations.

PanTerras Competitive Edge with Service Titan
Integration with Service Titans Enterprise Hub

PanTerra not only achieved a seamless integration but also harnessed the capabilities of Service Titan's Enterprise Hub effectively. PanTerra's standout feature lies in its ability to route calls to specific multi-tenant instances, a functionality lacking in Dialpad's web integration.

This success has attracted Service Titan leads and resulted in the successful onboarding of numerous clients. PanTerra's proficiency in working with Service Titan's Enterprise Hub establishes it as the preferred choice for businesses dissatisfied with Dialpad's limitations within the Service Titan ecosystem.

Dialpad's Limitations and User Concerns:

Dialpad faces criticism from users, with some highlighting key drawbacks:

Must Upgrade for Integration Library Access
Must Upgrade forIntegration Library Access:

Dialpad's requirement for users to upgrade for access to the integration library can be a drawback, especially for those seeking a comprehensive and seamless business communication solution.

Phone and 247 Support Require an Upgrade
Phone and 24/7 Support Require an Upgrade:

The need for an upgrade to access phone support and 24/7 customer support may hinder the overall customer experience, potentially impacting the quality of service.

Potential for Google-Related Login Issues
Potential for Google-Related Login Issues:

The possibility of encountering login issues related to Google authentication poses a potential challenge, leading to user inconvenience and frustration, and affecting the overall reliability of the service.

In the customer’s own words: "Dialpad's Promising Start Turns Sour: Over 90% Failure Rate, Customer Service Woes, and Hidden Fees Expose a Frustrating Experience for Users"

Dialpad IMG 2
Dialpad IMG  1

Why PanTerra Excels Over Dialpad:

Proven Reliability
Proven Reliability

While Dialpad is relatively new to the UCaaS market and still ironing out kinks, PanTerra offers a rock-solid foundation with a proven 99.999% reliability built into every service.

Data Privacy Matters
Data Privacy Matters

Dialpad boasts Google DNA, but PanTerra stands out as a HIPAA Compliant Communication Tool built from the ground up, prioritizing your data privacy.

Transparent Uptime Guarantees
Transparent Uptime Guarantees

Dialpad guarantees 100% uptime, but PanTerra's transparent uptime guarantees ensure you know exactly what to expect.

Customer-Driven Innovation
Customer-Driven Innovation

PanTerra collaborateswith customers to enhance advanced features like audio and video conferencing,phone call and messaging quality, and provide top-notch customer service,adapting to the evolving communication landscape.

PanTerra and Service Titan:

The Ultimate Choice for Your Enterprise Communication Needs

Our UCaaS platform is designed to focus on your needs without overwhelming complexity. Are you getting the best out of your unified communications system? We make it easy.

PanTerra and Service Titan

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Discover why PanTerra, incollaboration with Service Titan, is the preferred choice for businessesseeking a seamless, reliable, and innovative unified communications solution.

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