Messaging Made for Team Collaboration

Advanced team messaging, fast and secure.

Our team messaging features keep you connected at a moment’s notice for easy collaboration. Dedicated mobile apps keep you updated on the go, and our reliable cloud storage ensures you have access to all your information whenever and wherever you need it. 

So Much More than SMS

Convenient Collaboration
Connect with team members in an instant for quick communication and simplified workflows.
Mobile Integration
iOS and Android mobile apps for nearly every device let you stay up to date and connected, even on the go.
Continuous Storage
Cloud storage keeps your team messages archived and accessible for as long as you need them.
Chat & Meet Easily
Secure meeting tools let you control access & roles for participants in and outside your organization.
The system is dead reliable. We've not experienced a single outage in 2+ years.
The ability to connect with all of our employees in all the countries they work in brings our company closer.
We have saved money and not had the problems we had with the previous provider.
I would say PanTerra Streams has brought us more reliability in that we have multiple ways clients can connect with us thanks to the SMS campaign.
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Herm Harrison, Vice President
Jeffery Chupa, Lead Project Manager
Tamara Cobb, Executive Director
Heather Maynard, Office Manager

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What is Team Messaging?

A part of Streams, our all-in-one communication solution, Team Messaging provides unlimited multimedia messaging for fast and effective collaboration between teams.

Content Sharing
Easily share videos, photos, links and files for a seamless communication experience.
Built-in Conferencing
With one touch, you can instantly conduct audio and video conferences with one or more team members.
Secure Team Rooms
Collaboration isn’t limited to your organization. Work with anyone with enhanced share access.

Move Beyond Chat with More Collaboration


More Meaningful Connections

With our team messaging solutions, downtime is reduced. Spend less time worrying about meeting logistics and more time getting down to business.


When Text Isn't Enough

Team meeting rooms let you collaborate with ease. By making specific rooms for projects, deadlines, or clients, everything stays organized so you can spend more time working together.


Share Any Kind of Content

Never miss a beat with the ability to quickly share content in meeting rooms. Immediately share photos, videos, text, live content and more through links or folders to keep your team up to date.


More Inclusive for All

Meet with people inside or outside of your organization, all in one place. Streams makes collaboration across organizations effortless and secure with enhanced share access control.

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If you're ready to switch to PanTerra, our team is ready to help. Super fast and easy migration and deployment gets you up and running within 1 day.

Advanced Features

Below are some additional features for the more technical aspects of the PanTerra platform. 


Simple and Effective Content Search

Streams supports full, real-time content search of all streams, highlighting results instantly in a separate window pane.


Secure Content Uploading & Storage

All team room content is stored securely in Streams HIPAA-compliant SmartBox cloud storage platform.


Powerful Easy to Use Analytics

Fine-tune your business with real-time or over time trending analytics with over 100 SLA/KPI performance metrics.

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Get a free PanTerra Streams account and enjoy on-net audio/video calls, video conferencing, team collaboration, secure file sharing, and more.
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