Seamless Video Conferencing & Webinars

Meet with clients easily and more often.

Our video conferencing tools work anywhere to keep you connected with your team and clients. Host small meetings or large webinars with enhanced security and efficient tools to keep meetings highly effective and productive.

So Much More than Video

Unlimited Rooms
Create an unlimited number of secure conferencing rooms for internal and external users.
Enhanced Security
Enhanced security and waiting room features prevent unauthorized users from joining your sessions.
Reliable Connections
Through Streams' reliable service, easily connect with crystal clear, HD video/audio conferencing. Every time.
Webinar Support
Conduct large meetings or webinars with speaker, audience and custom user roles for up to 1K users.

The system is dead reliable. We've not experienced a single outage in 2+ years.

The ability to connect with all of our employees in all the countries they work in brings our company closer.

We have saved money and not had the problems we had with the previous provider.

I would say PanTerra Streams has brought us more reliability in that we have multiple ways clients can connect with us thanks to the SMS campaign.

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Herm Harrison, Vice President
Jeffery Chupa, Lead Project Manager
Tamara Cobb, Executive Director
Heather Maynard, Office Manager

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What are Video Conferences & Webinars?

Meet face-to-face with anyone from anywhere. Host everything from small meetings to large webinars through PanTerra's feature-rich video conferencing capabilities.

Connect from Anywhere
Stay connected to your business from anywhere with powerful distributed team conferencing capabilities that work on desktops and mobile devices.
Built-In Chat
Our built-in chat feature lets you easily send a message during meetings. Send a private message to individual users, or message the whole group. 
Supervisory Modes
Ideal for advanced training and support, this feature allows supervisors to silently join, privately communicate with an agent or barge into a live Connect session.

Connect, Collaborate, and Retain Customers

Our video conferencing capabilities simplify collaboration with high-quality, secure meetings, advanced features, and streamlined workflows. Connect with colleagues and clients from anywhere to improve productivity and decision-making.

Join Meetings Faster, Easier

With Streams' 1-click conferencing, you can quickly join a video call to collaborate on projects, meet with a client, or conduct an interview. Our service makes this process fast and effortless. 


Join Anywhere, Anytime

You’re not limited by location. With Streams, you can meet from anywhere. Meetings are always convenient, easily scheduled and easily accessed. And switching tasks? That's a breeze on our seamless platform.



Support Wherever
You Need It

Because you’re not limited by location, we aren’t either. Our reliable service goes with you, wherever you need it. Your team can go where they need to go, when they need to go and still stay connected via video and more.


More Management Features

Our advanced meeting tools and enhanced security let you host large meetings and webinars for up to a thousand people. No uninvited guests, no micromanaging, just effortless communication.

Ready to Make the Call?

If you're ready to switch to PanTerra, our team is ready to help. Super fast and easy migration and deployment gets you up and running within 1 day.

Advanced Features

Below are some additional features for the more technical aspects of the PanTerra platform. 


Powerful Supervisory Mode

Monitor multiple Connect sessions through the Streams Unified Live Monitor (ULM) by silently joining to remain undetected, communicating privately to the moderator of the session, or entering as another normal participant.


Background Replacement Without Green Screen

Apply a virtual background for a more professional image from one of the pre-loaded images or upload your own background image without the need of a green screen.


Physical Meeting Room Support

Meeting Rooms allows any user to be able to easily create, edit and schedule a Connect session for a physical meeting room location or elect for an optional Meeting Room Start PIN for authorized users.

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