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Futureproof your office communication infrastructure with the all-in-one solution from PanTerra Streams.


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Reliable, No Maintenance Solutions

We run your service, with proven 99.999% uptime, in the cloud, eliminating hardware obsolescence and "rip & replace" nightmares. With our optional Hardware as a Service (HaaS), you can also get the most up to date on-premises phones for a low monthly fee.


Streamlined Workflows & Communication

Streams delivers built-in and custom integrations for third party services and productivity applications. Bring team communication and workflows together under a unified, single sign-on platform.


Enhanced Collaboration & Communication

Give agents the tools they need to communicate quickly and efficiently. From instant messaging, to 1-click video conferencing and more, your team can connect when and how they need to connect.


Anytime, Anywhere Communication

Take the power of Streams with you wherever you go, on any device. Designed to meet the needs of multi-location distributed teams and mobile workforces, Streams keeps your team connected from anywhere.

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Advanced Features

Below are some additional features for the more technical aspects of the PanTerra platform. 



PanTerra delivers greater than 99.9% service uptime with resiliency and redundancy built into every critical service.



With a 100% cloud infrastructure, PanTerra can deliver virtually unlimited scalability for your enterprise to deploy and accelerate growth anywhere in the world.



PanTerra monitors and maintains Quality of Service (QoS) 24/7/365 to ensure your business operates at peak performance.



PanTerra is the only cloud service provider that offers full end-to-end HIPAA/HITECH compliant secure cloud service with features of data encryption and Full Multi-Factor Authentication.



PanTerra maintains and guarantees the highest levels of Service Level Agreement (SLA) available and with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can be confident in deploying Streams to your enterprise.



PanTerra's award-winning 24/7/365 "30-second" instant response live support is the best in the industry and supports multiple-contact methods including voice, text, deskshare, web meeting, email and fax.


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