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Crystal Clear Conferencing

Easily initiate conferencing with Connect, Streams’ built-in 1-click conferencing service. With real-time monitoring of connections to ensure the quality and reliability of your connection, conference HD video/audio are crystal clear. Every time. 


When & Where
You Need It

Connect with individuals and teams either on the fly or on a schedule with Outlook and Google calendaring integration. Participants can connect from anywhere using Connect on desktop or mobile devices.


Supercharged Meetings & Webinars

Conduct large meetings or webinars with speaker, audience and custom user roles. Support up to 1K users with profiles, raise hand and video paging features which can be enabled for every user. Easily record your sessions to archive or share later.


Feature-Rich Conferencing

Additional features include enhanced security and optional multi-factor authentication, built-in group and private multi-media chat capabilities, supervisory mode for advanced training, unlimited video conferencing rooms, physical meeting room support, and more.

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They have by far the best support! I can dial 611 from any phone and someone is waiting right away to help. They have yet to not solve a problem quickly and efficiently. The person on the other end is polite, and extremely knowledgeable. Fantastic support compared to any company we've dealt with to date - just as promised!
Samer Samaan
Marketing Director
I've been using PanTerra for several months now and I have to say, their support has been a standout feature for me. The support team is incredibly reliable, responsive, and efficient, and they have been instrumental in ensuring that our organization runs smoothly. 
Otis Collins
Sr. Manager
Anytime I have to reach out to customer support it is always for very minimal things. Sometimes I need help navigating the admin portal, and support is very good about showing HOW to do things rather than just doing it and saying you're good to go. They want you to understand the system as well and become more efficient.
Justin Dobbins
Computer and Information Systems Manager
Streams support has never had to call me back; they have always addressed the issue (which was mostly operator error) before we hung up.
John Lydon
Senior Property Manager
They are always quick to respond and help me with anything. They will ask questions if needed but usually they will quickly take care of whatever I need within 12 hours of sending in a ticket. I love that they don't ask me to do it with instructions unless I'm asking for instructions for next time.
Caleb Hannon
Chief of Operations
The team is always helpful and responsive. It sometimes takes a while longer to get resolutions, but in general I can rely on getting a resolution and hearing a response within a few minutes!
Joshua Harrison
Director of Donor Ministries

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Advanced Features

Below are some additional features for the more technical aspects of the PanTerra platform. 


Powerful Supervisory Mode

Monitor multiple Connect sessions through the Streams Unified Live Monitor (ULM) by silently joining to remain undetected, communicating privately to the moderator of the session, or entering as another normal participant.


Background Replacement Without Green Screen

Apply a virtual background for a more professional image from one of the pre-loaded images or upload your own background image without the need of a green screen.


Physical Meeting Room Support

Meeting Rooms allows any user to be able to easily create, edit and schedule a Connect session for a physical meeting room location or elect for an optional Meeting Room Start PIN for authorized users.


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