Case Study

From Setup to Support: Meeting the Communication Needs of Foster Transformer Company


Foster Transformer Company is an
electrical/electronic manufacturing company with
11-50 employees based in the United States. Like
many small to medium-sized businesses, Foster
Transformer Company faced challenges with
managing communication between their
employees and customers.

After evaluating multiple UCaaS solutions, they
selected PanTerra Networks, a cloud-based UCaaS
platform, to handle their voice, text, chat, and file
exchange needs.

Why PanTerra Works for Foster

  • Easy Set-Up

  • Easy to Use

  • Customer Service is Good

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Inefficient communication channels
Multiple communication channels that are not integrated, leading to confusion and decreased productivity.
Difficulty in collaborating remotely
Remote work can lead to a lack of communication and decreased collaboration between team members, which can hinder productivity and result in missed deadlines.
Inability to quickly respond to customer needs
Difficult to respond quickly to customer needs due to ineffective communication channels or a lack of visibility into customer needs.
Lack of integration between different communication tools
Using multiple communication tools that do not integrate can lead to confusion and decreased productivity.
Costly and complex on-premise hardware and software solutions
Companies may struggle with the high costs and complexity of maintaining on-premise hardware and software solutions for communication and collaboration needs.
 It offers all of the features
you could ever hope to have at an affordable price.
PanTerra was very proactive with notifications of issues that could affect system
We will remain PanTerra customers for many years.
Herm Harrison, Vice President
Herm Harrison, Vice President
Herm Harrison, Vice President

Why Foster Transformer Company Chose to Use PanTerra

Foster Transformer Company considered several competitors in their search for a new
communication solution, including RingCentral Contact Center and GoTo Connect. These
alternatives were both hosted solutions that offered similar features to PanTerra's UCaaS

Ultimately, Foster Transformer Company concluded that PanTerra provided the best solution
due to their robust feature set, outstanding reliability, comprehensive support, and competitive pricing. Compared to RingCentral and GoTo Connect, PanTerra offered more advanced features, such as video conferencing and screen sharing, that were important to Foster Transformer
Company's collaboration needs. PanTerra's platform also proved to be more reliable, with fewer outages and downtime than the other alternatives.

In addition to their feature set and reliability, Foster Transformer Company also valued
PanTerra's comprehensive support. With 24/7 customer service and a dedicated customer
success team, PanTerra provided the necessary assistance to ensure a smooth transition and
ongoing support for their communication needs. Lastly, PanTerra's competitive pricing made
their UCaaS solution a more affordable option compared to the other alternatives considered.
For these reasons, Foster Transformer Company ultimately concluded that PanTerra provided
the best overall value and was the optimal solution for their communication needs.

PanTerra’s Unified Solution included

Phone Systems
Create an unlimited number of secure conferencing rooms for internal and external users.
Transfer Calls
Enhanced security and waiting room features prevent unauthorized users from joining your sessions.
Emergency Calls
Through Streams' reliable service, easily connect with crystal clear, HD video/audio conferencing. Every time.
Easy Setup and Use
Conduct large meetings or webinars with speaker, audience and custom user roles for up to 1K users.

A Deeper Look at Technology

For CTOs, CIOs, and IT Leaders

Your IT teams have specific needs. It's your job to keep things running smoothly. PanTerra Streams makes it easy. It is built and managed fully in-house by a team of engineers who understand what tech teams need for peace of mind and scalability. 


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Companies like Foster Transformer Company that have multiple employees and need to stay in
touch with customers and vendors can benefit from UCaaS platforms like PanTerra Networks. 


Remote Teams

UCaaS platforms allow remote teams to work together seamlessly. They can share files,
communicate via voice or video calls, and hold virtual meetings.


Unified Communications

UCaaS platforms offer a unified communication experience, allowing employees to switch
between devices and mediums, such as voice, text, chat, or video, to communicate with each
other and customers.



UCaaS platforms offer scalable solutions that can grow with the business, allowing companies to add or remove users easily.


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