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From Setup to Support: Meeting the Communication Needs of Norwich Housing Authority


The City of Norwich Housing Authority was formed in the 1960's. The first employee was hired in 1975. Norwich Housing now owns 102 public housing units and provides rental assistance for lower-income families with the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance Program. As a community government entity, they faced communication challenges in managing their services and programs, and they needed a solution that could help them communicate efficiently with their community and employees. After evaluating different phone system solutions, Norwich Housing Authority selected PanTerra Streams, a cloud-based UCaaS platform that provided a simple setup and ease of use. With PanTerra Streams, they were able to set up four extensions and transfer calls between different users with ease. The platform also allowed them to have emergency options available after office hours by transferring calls to another phone. PanTerra Streams proved to be a cost-effective and reliable solution that fulfilled their communication needs, allowing them to focus on providing quality services and programs to the 

Why PanTerra Works for Norwich

  • Easy Set-Up

  • Easy to Use

  • Customer Service is Good

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Complex communication channels
Local government organizations often have complex communication channels that can lead to confusion and decreased productivity. These organizations may have multiple departments with different communication tools and protocols that do not integrate, making it challenging to share information and collaborate effectively.
Inadequate remote collaboration
Remote work can lead to communication gaps and decreased collaboration between team members, hindering productivity and resulting in missed deadlines. Local government organizations need a solution that allows them to collaborate remotely with ease, without sacrificing productivity or security.
Slow response times
Customer needs can be urgent, and local government organizations may struggle to respond quickly due to ineffective communication channels or a lack of visibility into customer needs. A solution that provides real-time communication and visibility into customer needs can help local government organizations respond quickly and efficiently.
Siloed communication tools
Local government organizations may be using multiple communication tools that do not integrate, leading to confusion and decreased productivity. A unified communication solution can streamline communication channels and improve collaboration between teams.
High costs and complexity
Maintaining on-premise hardware and software solutions for communication and collaboration needs can be costly and complex. A cloud-based UCaaS solution like PanTerra Streams can provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative that requires minimal maintenance and can scale with the organization's needs.
We have saved money and have not had the problems we had with the previous provider.
Very easy to set up, and I am definitely not tech-savvy in the least.
We'd buy PanTerra Streams again.
Tamara Cobb, Executive Director
Tamara Cobb, Executive Director
Tamara Cobb, Executive Director

Why Norwich Housing Authority Chose to Use PanTerra


Norwich Housing Authority chose to use PanTerra as their cloud-based UCaaS solution due to several key factors. One of the main reasons was the ease of use and implementation. The review provided by their Executive Director mentioned that it was very easy to set up, even for someone who is not tech-savvy. This indicates that the platform is user-friendly and requires minimal technical expertise to get started, which is a critical factor for many small to medium-sized businesses and local government organizations.

Another key factor that likely influenced Norwich Housing Authority's decision to use PanTerra was the cost savings they experienced. The review mentions that it was cheaper than using other options in their area and they have saved money while not having the problems they had with their previous provider. This indicates that PanTerra's pricing was competitive and provided cost savings for Norwich Housing Authority, which is a critical factor for many small to medium-sized businesses and local government organizations with limited budgets.

Lastly, the reliability of the platform likely played a significant role in the decision-making process. The review mentioned that they have not had the issue with PanTerra that they had with their previous system, which went down frequently. This indicates that the platform is reliable and has high uptime, which is critical for local government organizations that need to be available to their constituents at all times. Overall, Norwich Housing Authority's decision to use PanTerra was likely influenced by the platform's ease of use and cost savings.

PanTerra’s Unified Solution included

Phone Systems
Create an unlimited number of secure conferencing rooms for internal and external users.
Transfer Calls
Enhanced security and waiting room features prevent unauthorized users from joining your sessions.
Emergency Calls
Through Streams' reliable service, easily connect with crystal clear, HD video/audio conferencing. Every time.
Easy Setup and Use
Conduct large meetings or webinars with speaker, audience and custom user roles for up to 1K users.

A Deeper Look at Technology

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Your IT teams have specific needs. It's your job to keep things running smoothly. PanTerra Streams makes it easy. It is built and managed fully in-house by a team of engineers who understand what tech teams need for peace of mind and scalability. 


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Government agencies like Norwich Housing Authority can benefit from using PanTerra's cloud-based UCaaS platform to streamline their communication channels, increase collaboration between team members, improve their ability to respond to customer needs, and reduce costs associated with on-premise hardware and software solutions, and improve their overall efficiency and productivity.


Efficient communication with constituents

Local government organizations can use PanTerra to improve communication channels with their constituents. By providing a single platform for voice, text, chat, and file exchange, local government organizations can streamline communication channels and ensure quick and efficient responses to inquiries and concerns from the public.


Improved remote collaboration

With many government employees working remotely, it's critical for local government organizations to have a communication platform that supports remote collaboration. PanTerra's cloud-based UCaaS platform enables government employees to easily communicate and collaborate from anywhere with an internet connection, which can help increase productivity and efficiency.


Increased cost savings

Many local government organizations are often operating with limited budgets, making cost-saving measures a top priority. By moving to a cloud-based UCaaS platform like PanTerra, local government organizations can reduce the costs associated with on-premises hardware and software solutions, while also benefiting from increased reliability and scalability.


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