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Breaking Down Borders: The Way Immigration's Global Success with PanTerra


The Way Immigration is a leading immigration consulting firm with offices across different countries. As a business that operates across different offices and countries, The Way Immigration faced communication challenges that needed a solution. To keep their team connected, they evaluated multiple UCaaS solutions and ultimately selected PanTerra Networks. With PanTerra, The Way Immigration was able to efficiently streamline communications between their international offices. The telephone services always worked, and the voice mail to email feature proved to be convenient. Conference calls were also made possible, making it easier to collaborate with team members across different locations. The excellent customer support provided by PanTerra Networks was also noted. Overall, The Way Immigration was able to create a cohesive team environment across multiple international offices, thanks to PanTerra Streams.

Why PanTerra Works for The Way Immigration

  • Easy Set-Up

  • Easy to Use

  • Customer Service is Good

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Compliance with legal regulations
Legal Services like The Way Immigration need to comply with various legal regulations related to the handling of confidential information, which can pose a challenge for communication and collaboration. 
Inefficient communication channels
Inefficient communication channels can lead to confusion and decreased productivity. Multiple communication channels that are not integrated can hinder effective communication between team members.
Difficulty in collaborating remotely
Remote work can lead to a lack of communication and decreased collaboration between team members, which can hinder productivity and result in missed deadlines.
Inability to quickly respond to customer needs
Difficult to respond quickly to customer needs due to ineffective communication channels or a lack of visibility into customer needs.
Lack of integration between different communication tools
Using multiple communication tools that do not integrate can lead to confusion and decreased productivity.
Streams efficiently streamlines communications between our international offices. 
I love it. It makes my life easy. 
 The benefit of PanTerra was its streamlining
communication between international offices and keeping the team connected no matter their location.
Fran Wipf, President
Fran Wipf, President
Fran Wipf, President

Why Tampa Truck Driving Schools Chose to Use PanTerra

The Way Immigration chose to use PanTerra for several reasons. First and foremost, the company needed a reliable and efficient communication system that could connect their team members across multiple international offices. PanTerra's platform provided the company with a centralized communication system that streamlined their communication channels and kept their team members connected no matter where they were located.

Another reason why The Way Immigration chose to use PanTerra was because of the platform's excellent telephone services. The company's team members rely heavily on telephone communication to connect with clients and other team members, and PanTerra's phone system has consistently provided them with reliable and clear communication. Additionally, the ability to receive voicemails as emails has been a convenient feature for team members who are frequently on the go.

The company also appreciated PanTerra's excellent customer support, which has been available whenever they needed it with no long wait times. The Way Immigration values honesty and accountability, and PanTerra's customer support team has consistently provided them with clear and precise information about their communication system, including cost, timeframe, and process.

PanTerra’s Unified Solution included

Phone Systems
Create an unlimited number of secure conferencing rooms for internal and external users.
Transfer Calls
Enhanced security and waiting room features prevent unauthorized users from joining your sessions.
Emergency Calls
Through Streams' reliable service, easily connect with crystal clear, HD video/audio conferencing. Every time.
Easy Setup and Use
Conduct large meetings or webinars with speaker, audience and custom user roles for up to 1K users.

A Deeper Look at Technology

For CTOs, CIOs, and IT Leaders

Your IT teams have specific needs. It's your job to keep things running smoothly. PanTerra Streams makes it easy. It is built and managed fully in-house by a team of engineers who understand what tech teams need for peace of mind and scalability. 


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Remote collaboration

Many legal services firms have employees working remotely or in different offices, and communication can be a challenge. PanTerra's UCaaS platform enables remote teams to collaborate more effectively through features like video conferencing, messaging, and file sharing.


Centralized communication

The Way Immigration noted that PanTerra's platform helped them streamline their communication channels. Other legal services firms can benefit from having one centralized point of contact for their clients and staff, regardless of location. This can lead to improved communication and increased productivity.


Improved customer service

Legal services firms rely on strong customer service to maintain client relationships and attract new business. With PanTerra's UCaaS platform, firms can respond quickly to customer needs and provide real-time updates, resulting in improved customer satisfaction


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