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With the increasing medical costs the healthcare industry is facing, CFOs are continually looking at ways to reduce operating expenses and increase employee productivity. Another requirement elevated to the top of this industry's fast moving needs is access to real-time information driving both CIOs and CTOs to research secure ways to increase accessibility through the use of presence and improved mobility tools for staff, in-house call centers and management.

All Streams services include the productivity and accessibility enhancing benefits including secure instant messaging, presence and persistent dynamic routing of all communications regardless of medium. Streams is the logical choice for the healthcare and medical industry to deliver on the business and customer satisfaction initiatives of the future. Your business will thrive and grow on Streams Unified Communications.

Cost and Operational Benefits

  • Zero cost infrastructure for multiple communication applications and offices from a single cloud provider
  • Lifetime 24/7 support
  • Quick to deploy and integrate with existing IT phone, email and fax infrastructure for number plans, overflow and failover

Productivity Gains

  • Presence and instant message for quick access to staff knowledgebase
  • Integrates with commonly used email applications such as Outlook and integrates seamlessly with powerful cloud-based tools like
  • Route important calls, emails and instant messages seamlessly between multiple mediums
  • Administration time is dramatically reduced with single platform communications with included lifetime support

In-House Contact Center Support

  • Native support for remote agent and supervisors including monitoring and reporting
  • Power customer satisfaction tools including automated attendant, skills based routing, overflow and support for multiple overflow queues
  • Ensure security through recording, instant messaging and encrypted voice communications